5 Goal-Tracking Apps That Help You Achieve Your Goals

Do you ever say, “I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day”? Writing down your goals is not the same as achieving them, and if you don’t know how to manage your time, you can really get off track. Trying to achieve all your goals at once will also not bring you results.

No goal is too ambitious if you structure it properly (break it down into smaller tasks) and visualize your progress with progress bars and dashboards, something that writing down your goals on a piece of paper simply cannot provide. Don’t let your goals rot on the shelf! It’s time to switch from pen and paper to a goal-tracking app.

This type of app makes it easy to write down tasks and track them until they’re done. Equipped with features like checklists and reminders, goal-tracking apps keep things on track, increase motivation, encourage you to use resources more efficiently, and achieve goals in no time.

In short, a goal-tracking tool can support your thinking and ensure your business thrives. Here are the 5 best goal-tracking apps every cheater should know about.

Top 5 Benefits of Goal Tracking Software

Achieving goals is a process. You have to take steps to achieve those goals, align everyone’s efforts and keep them on the same page, even take steps to prevent potential obstacles, and overseeing the completion of the task can be a tough task if you don’t use a goal tracking app. which acts as a ladder to help you reach your goals.

Still, thinking about investing in a goal-tracking app? Here are the top 5 reasons that will undoubtedly make you more confident to harness the power of goal-tracking software.

  1. Gives You Clarity – Goal-tracking software is a system that not only stores your goals but also forces you to meet them. So instead of writing them down and never looking at them again, this type of software makes it easy to review your daily and weekly plans, remind yourself of priority tasks, and make it clear how far you’ve come.
  2. Unifies the team and boosts team spirit – When everyone on the team knows what they’re going for and you start tracking their progress towards the goals, even day-to-day progress (you probably won’t notice) can mean a lot. Tracking and achieving goals will make your co-workers feel like they belong to the group and increase their motivation and consistency.
  3. Increases overall productivity – Motivation and productivity go hand in hand. Goal tracking apps come with to-do lists, progress bars, and visual dashboards that make it almost easy to stay on schedule and increase your overall productivity by helping you create a routine that will lead to achieving your goals in a shorter period of time.
  4. Keeps Everyone Focused – With a web-based goal tracker, you won’t be running around in circles. This type of platform makes sure that no one forgets about their daily tasks and keeps them focused by reminding them as milestones and deadlines approach.
  5. Reduces the risk of mishaps – The goal progress tracker will also show you the strengths and weaknesses of your plan and help you eliminate those weaknesses. After all, you will never achieve your goals unless you are brutally honest with yourself. You’ll also be able to see which objectives your team has no problem completing and which ones seem to be more of a struggle, so you can make the necessary adjustments to remove obstacles and improve your strategy.

There is plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of goal-tracking apps on the market. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and created this guide to help you find the goal tracker that will help you achieve your goals. Here is a list of remarkable goal-tracking software designed to achieve personal and business goals.

Top 5 Goal Tracking Apps

1. Journy – Definitely the best goal-tracking app

You need more than just willpower to achieve your goals in life. You need to build new habits and make them stick so you can start living a happy and successful life. Brian Tracy once said, “A goal without a plan is just a dream,” and Lee Kuan Yew said, “If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, you can’t do it without discipline.”

So what is the bond between dreams and goals? Honey, you need the best goal-setting software like Infinity. Not only can you use Infinity to set goals, but also to crush them once and for all and get into good habits.

Journy App allows you to track your personal and professional goals. Our charming interface makes it child’s play to write down goals and New Year’s resolutions in one place set them and track progress in just a few clicks.

If you plan to use journy to track your personal goals, you should know that our software boasts top-notch organization and hierarchy. It allows you to categorize goals by life aspects, tag them with custom statuses, add start and completion dates, set priorities, use checklists and track progress with progress bars.

Download Journy App

2. Strides — The absolute best goal tracker for Apple users

Strides are one of the most flexible goal trackers that is specially made for Apple users. From drinking water to saving money to starting projects, this app frees you from keeping track of almost anything you want, helping you better organize your time and create the perfect routine.

Customizable to your needs, Strides boasts 4 types of trackers – Habit, Goal, Average and Project and allows you to set goal values ​​by date or time period, set task milestones (when tracking projects) and more.

Setting goals with this goal tracker is a simple 3-step process. However, if you don’t want to bother starting from scratch, Strides comes with a handy template that you can edit in seconds, set task repeats, etc.

Once you’ve set your goals and started tracking them, Strides will keep you motivated by displaying your progress with bars, graphs and calendars, and visualizing your daily progress with neatly organized progress reports. Once you and your team reach a goal, the app automatically marks it as “done” and congratulates you on achieving it to motivate and inspire you.

3. GoalsOnTrack — Goal software for high achievers

GoalsOnTrack is a comprehensive goal-setting and management software that can keep all your goals (personal and business) together. It will grease the wheels of any successful player or team that wants to make detailed and organized plans and achieve goals without problems.

A perfect place to start is with this goal tracker’s template gallery. Here you’ll find dozens of ready-made goal templates that you can customize on the fly as you wish. If your goals are complex or if you’re running projects, GoalsOnTrack lets you break them down into sub-goals and milestones, organize them by different categories, and track the progress of each from a single page.

This goal-tracking app makes planning and rescheduling tasks simple with a simple drag and drop, setting recurring tasks and allowing you to link tasks that support your goal.

4. Goalify Professional — A web-based goal-tracker

Goalify Professional is goal-tracking software that emphasizes consistency and helps professionals and teams adopt new behaviors to become masters of consistency. The two pillars of this platform are empowerment and support.

With Goalify Professional, you can set goals, tasks and assignments in no time, delegate these tasks, attach multimedia (images, videos) to each and stay connected with the team using the free mobile app to make sure nothing falls through. through the cracks. In this way, you can set up group chats and discuss the progress of tasks, request and share files, praise, but also engage in private conversations.

You can even create visually appealing workflows for everyone on the team, design to-do lists and use them as many times as you want, and track performance over time on goals with beautiful dashboards and graphs that can highlight areas for improvement.

5. Clockify — A simple and free goal-tracking app

Tracking goals is a breeze with Clockify. This cross-device goal-tracking app lets you break down difficult goals into manageable ones, track the time people have assigned to those sub-goals to spend on activities and check goal status and progress from a single page.

Clockify comes with built-in advanced time tracking features to help you see where most of your time and your team members’ time goes and improve your time management skills. You can set estimates for each task, then track the hours needed to complete it and compare expected and actual time.

With Clockify, you get all your goals and sub-goals displayed on a calendar, from where you can reschedule them for the next day, see if certain days are crowded to better allocate goals, and even see the time spent. for each task for the day.

Wrap Up

That’s it, guys! Would you find a goal-tracking app that could be worth your time and money?

We bet you did, and we bet it was Infinity. Our software offers the complete set of goal-setting and tracking features you need to become a goal-finder. Don’t forget to grab one of our bargains before it’s too late.