5 First Wedding Anniversary Gifts Your Wife Will Love

Your first wedding anniversary is a big milestone in your marriage. Celebrating your big day will prove you have not regretted one day of married life, and it will set the tone for the many anniversaries to come. 

It is natural to want to make your other half smile with glee, but you might feel stuck for a present that will sweep her off her feet. If so, here are five first wedding anniversary gift ideas your wife will love.

  1. A Personalised Wedding Portrait

If you want to present your wife with a traditional first wedding gift, you’ll need to find a sentimental paper gift. One item that’s bound to delight your other half is a personalised wedding portrait. 

Reach out to a talented artist to create a custom portrait of you both, using an image from your big day. Don’t forget to leave extra time for the creation and delivery of the portrait to avoid disappointment on your anniversary.

  1. Jewellery

Blow your partner away on your first anniversary by treating her to a stunning bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings. Quality is everything, and you must find a beautiful design to match your wife’s style and personality. You cannot go wrong with solid gold jewellery, as it looks beautiful and will retain its value year after year. You can trust it will look just as elegant in ten to 20 years. 

  1. A Photo Book

Start a new tradition by presenting your wife with a romantic photo book every anniversary. The first album should feature images from the first year of married life, from the fun events you attended to relaxing in the comfort of your home. 

Pick images you know will bring a smile to your wife’s face, and she can return to the photo book throughout the year to remember your many happy moments together. It’s one item she will treasure forever, and you’ll have a romantic anniversary gift to present her with every year.

  1. A DIY Pamper Basket

If your wife has a busy career and family life, your first wedding anniversary could provide her with an opportunity to relax and slow down. A little TLC might be what your other half needs to feel loved and appreciated on this special occasion. 

Encourage your wife to unwind and enjoy some self-care by presenting her with a thoughtful DIY pamper basket. For example, it could include a brand-new pair of pyjamas, a scented candle, soothing bath bombs, a face mask, and a luxury box of chocolates. 

  1. Preserved Roses

You might be reluctant to buy flowers for your wife on your anniversary, as they will likely die after a week or two. Yet, don’t rule out a stunning bouquet just yet, as you can remind your wife how much you love and adore her throughout the year with a bunch of preserved roses. The gorgeous arrangement will last up to twelve months, ensuring she doesn’t forget how much she means to you each day.

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