5 Essential Things to Consider When Promoting  Gojek Clone App Via Content Marketing

5 Essential Things to Consider When Promoting  Gojek Clone App Via Content Marketing, If you have already launched the multi-service Gojek Clone App in your region and don’t know how to promote it, then this blog is for you.

A lot of people reading this may ask, what is content marketing and it will help in promoting the app, well, that is what we’re soon to uncover. So first, let’s concentrate on:

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Institute defines it as one of the most interesting and helpful tools in the entire scope of marketing.

Through content marketing, you basically strategies how to create and distribute content that’s relevant and valuable to the audience. And, how all these efforts will draw profits.

How will content marketing help your app?  

That’s one intriguing question and its answer will leave you awe-struck for sure. Everyone is putting so much emphasis and effort into content marketing because;

  • It will help them increase their sales.
  • It saves a lot of costs that would otherwise be splurged on unnecessary advertisements.
  • Better customer conversion rates.
  • Content marketing as a concept will never get obsolete and with its constant implementation, your Gojek Clone App can gain tremendous profits.

Content Marketing Examples

You must be getting confused about what it is exactly. Let’s look at some examples using which you can easily relate to the concept and understand the semantics better.

Fitbit – Blogs

If you look at Fitbit’s blogs, you will notice that they have a good mix of content. They push out content related to healthy remedies, healthy food, and many other topics like stress management.

Regardless of what the app is purposed for (health tracking), their blogs cover a whole broader perspective on health! And their target audience loves to read it.

Calm – Instagram Content

Calm is a meditation and sleep story app. In the above image, you can see how they have posted a simple quote with a serene image.

Although the app is basically a meditation product, they have used content marketing well to escalate their brand awareness by posting the image.

The post shares a quote that’s meant to deliver a  ‘calming’ message to the viewers. The watermark below does a great job of promoting the brand name and cleverly attracting viewers to learn more about the product.

Gojek – Website

The Gojek Clone app is inspired by the original Indonesian app – Gojek. So, why not take a look at Gojek’s official website?

The introductory video content is surely one that grabs your attention! In less than 30 seconds, they walk through the visitor with some of the best visuals that sum up their services.

From grocery deliveries to taxi & moto rides, parcel delivery services, payments, etc., the website quite excellently portrays what ‘Gojek’ is!

Unquestionably, there are multiple content formats that you can use to promote and grow your multi-service business. But, the question is ‘how’!

5 Essential Things to Consider When Promoting Your Gojek-like Business Via Content Marketing

Consider these 5 simple yet significant things while promoting the business!

1.    Devise a content marketing strategy

To promote your Gojek Clone app like a pro, first, you need to create a well-thought content marketing strategy.

Jot down and explain the set of actions that you’d take for publishing your content, how you would create content for different channels, and so on.

While planning your content, keep the goal in mind. It can be

  • Brand awareness
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Attracting new customers
  • Educating customers
  • Enhancing customer engagement

2.     Understand what your audience wants

While developing the strategy, you also need to understand what your audience wants. Develop a buyer’s persona and study the age, agender, and other demographic characteristics important for your app promotion.

Once you have the buyer’s persona in front of you, you will be able to make further plans related to what content type to choose, how to create suitable content, etc.

3.    Try to establish a connection with your audience

To promote your Gojek Clone app, you also need to establish a connection with your customers. Now, once you have the buyer’s persona ready, start writing the content, adding visuals, creating videos if necessary, etc.

Use your audience’s language to speak with them and deliver your message. Developing a connection with your audience is simple once you have the right information!

4.    Use multiple channels to promote your Gojek-like App

The next thing you need to do is find effective channels to promote your app. Instead of using only your website to publish blogs, use social media channels, discussion boards, forums, etc.

Today, many people are using Facebook, Instagram, and also YouTube, to promote their apps. The main reason to use multiple channels is to reach out to more people.

Alongside having multiple channels to speak volumes about your app, you can use them as effective tools to achieve your promotion goals!

5.    Use different content formats for promotion

Different people like different content formats. For example, some may like reading through a blog while others may like watching a video!

Thus, to attract an audience with different likings, you need to put out content in all the formats promoting your Gojek Clone app.

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Original research
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Video
  • Case studies
  • Presentations
  • eBooks
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars

Promoting your app will ultimately help you earn more profits as people will get to know your platform and use it to book more than 101 services.

With that boost, you will be able to earn money on every single service booking via your app! And that, you will get to decide! You will have the power to decide the commission rate for every service and define your profit-earning!

In Conclusion:

Well, now that you know how to promote your Gojek Clone app through professional content marketing, why wait another minute?

Get the pre-built solution for your business if you haven’t already! Once you have the app up and running, you can begin marketing it everywhere online and offline if you want to!

Get the app today and establish a successful business in no time.