5 Essential Canva Skills That Every Graphic Designer Should Have

Qualifications of Graphic Designersraphic designers

The Demand for Graphic Designers

Graphic design is one of the most sought after skills in India. In fact, it is the most sought after skill in India and many people are willing to pay top dollar for this talent. India has seen a steady rise in demand for graphic designers. The number of people who have a degree in graphic design has increased by about 10% every year since 2011 and now stands at more than 1 million. The average salary for a graphic designer is around Rs 3 lakh per annum with the highest being Rs 6 lakh per annum.

Qualifications of Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are responsible for designing and implementing graphics, such as logos, brochures, advertisements, websites and more. They are also expected to take on a role in the creative process by collaborating with clients and other designers.

A graphic designer from logo designing agency should have an understanding of design principles and a strong knowledge of typography. They should also be able to create layouts that work well across different devices. Some graphic designers may even have experience in the field of art or photography.


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • A degree in graphic design
  • 2 years experience in graphic design work
  • Experience in digital illustration, photography, and/or web design is helpful but not required
  • Be able to work with a variety of tools and softwares

Roles and Responsibilities of Graphic Designers

A graphic designer is a visual communicator. They use various design techniques to create an effective message for their audience. A graphic designer is able to create a vision for the product and can also help in developing a strategy that will help the company achieve its goals.

A graphic designer needs to be creative and have strong communication skills. They need to be able to visualize what they are designing, present it in a way that the client understands, and collaborate with other designers on the project.


  • Designing layouts for print and digital media
  • Creating visual identities for brands or organizations
  • Developing design systems
  • Working with the client to create user experiences

5 Essential Canva Skills Required for Graphic Designers

Designers have to have skills in many different areas. They need to be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design programs. They need to know how to use the fonts that are available in the market. They also need an understanding of colour theory, typography, and layout.

There are several essential skills required for graphic designers that will help them develop their careers and make them more successful. These include web design skills, logo design skills, business card design skills, social media marketing skills and more.

The most important skill for a graphic designer is creative thinking. This skill is often referred to as ‘the ability to see around corners or ‘an eye for the unusual. This is because it’s not easy to predict what will catch people’s attention so designers have to be creative and attentive to their target audience’s needs.

Graphic designers must have the 5 Canva skills listed below:

  1. Canva’s Default Templates:

Canva is a design tool that helps you create professional-looking graphics in minutes. It offers a range of templates that can be used to quickly create designs. Canva’s Default Templates are the best way to get started with graphic design. There are templates that can be used for business cards, flyers, posters, and social media posts. Furthermore, there is a template for every occasion.

Canva is a free tool that helps you create professional-looking designs in minutes. However, it has a default template that can be overwhelming for designers who are not familiar with the tool. The default templates are designed to make it easy for anyone to design and create their own graphics. These templates would be perfect for beginners and people who do not have much time to learn about Canva’s features. The templates are just a starting point for designers but they should have an understanding of Canva’s features so they can customize them according to their needs and style.

  1. Using Text Layers as Backgrounds:

Canva’s Text Layers are a great tool for making your designs more visually appealing. A lot of people have used it to create backgrounds for their designs. One of the most popular graphic design trends right now is using text as a background. It creates an interesting effect that gives your designs a unique look and feel. This trend has been around for years, but it has never been easier than with Canva’s Text Layers tool.

When designing a flyer, you want to make sure that the text is easy to read and that the design looks clean. One way of doing this is by using text layers in Canva’s design editor. Text layers can be used as backgrounds for flyers, posters, presentations or any other design project. They are also great for creating a quick and easy mockup without having to create your own graphic assets.

  1. Creating Gradients in Canvas:

Gradients are a key component in creating a good design. They can be used to make text or images appear more interesting and beautiful. They can also be used to create a sense of depth and dimension. Creating gradients in Canva is easy. All you need is the gradient tool, which is located at the bottom of the screen, and some colours that you want to use as your starting point. You can then drag the gradient tool across your canvas, or use it with just one colour by clicking on it first before dragging it across your canvas.

Gradients are a popular trend in the design industry right now. They give a sense of depth and can make your designs look more appealing. However, many designers are not familiar with how they work or how they can be used in Canva. If you want to use gradients in your designs, you need to understand their basics and how they work.

  1. Using Shapes and Drawing Tools:

Canva is a graphic design tool that lets you create images, illustrations, infographics and designs with shapes, drawing tools and text. It is an online design tool that allows you to draw shapes, use drawing tools and add text to your designs. It offers a variety of templates which are available for free or can be purchased as well.

The use of shapes and drawing tools in Canva is easy to understand. The shapes and tools are easy to use to create beautiful designs that are unique and creative. Graphic designers should understand how shapes and tools work in Canva so they can create beautiful designs with ease.

  1. Creating Custom Shapes:

Creating custom shapes in Canva is a great way to add dimension and depth to your designs. You can use them as a background for your text or even as a foreground. They are also great for creating patterns that you can then print out or use as backgrounds for cards, posters, etc. The most popular shapes are circles, squares, triangles, and hexagons. You can also find the best shape for any project by hovering over the shape on the left-hand side of the screen and clicking “Shape Picker”.

Designers who want to create unique designs in Canva should understand how to create custom shapes. By understanding the different shapes, we will also be able to create interesting abstract art.

How and Where to Learn Essential Canva Skills?

Many people who want to learn graphic design have a lot of questions about the best ways to learn it. There are many different ways that you could go about learning graphic designing. You can take classes, read books, watch tutorials and so on. It is important to find a way that works best for you and your schedule.

There are numerous ways to learn the necessary Canva skills. The best ways to learn Graphic Designing with Canva are as follows:

  • Read books and online articles on Graphic Designing with Canva
  • Take offline courses on Graphic Designing with Canva
  • Practice using Canva with your own designs
  • Watch Youtube and other videos on Graphic Designing with Canva
  • Attend seminars in the field of graphic designing
  • Look for free and paid online courses and classes on Graphic Designing with Canva

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With the increasing demand for graphic designers in India, the demand for graphic designers is also increasing. In India, there are numerous opportunities for graphic designers.

The main job of a designer is to create and design something that appeals to the audience. One of their main jobs is to provide information about their products and services so that people know what they are buying. Designers work with different mediums like print, web, social media etc. They also work on content marketing strategies to increase the visibility of their brand or company.

Graphic design has become a very popular career option in India as it provides a lot of scope for creativity and innovation while still being lucrative enough to make it an attractive career option.