5 Common Myths About Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one such condition that is a lot of times just made fun of and is taken as a joke. But it is a condition that can cause severe dehydration in the body. The inconvenience and uncomfortable feeling of this condition is something that cannot be described in words.

Beyond the silly jokes made about this condition, a number of children worldwide still suffer from diarrhea. With that, there are some myths and misconceptions that come with diarrhea that are not true. Well, to stop this condition from affecting the poor population of the world, it is important to have proper knowledge of it and to know what is a myth and what is a fact. 

The best doctors in the best hospitals in Peshawar say that by spreading the right information and the correct information the cases of diarrhea can be reduced all over the world. 

Myth 1: Once diarrhea is over, the danger leaves

These days, a lesser number of children are dying of diarrhea which means that it is already good news. A lot of areas still have exposure to stomach bugs affecting the bodies to get diarrhea. But the thought that once diarrhea is over means it is good news, is so not true. Diarrhea is one such condition that can come back easily after it is over. 

Diarrhea once when occurs can become a vicious cycle during the window of life. continuous diarrhea can result in long-term physical and cognitive growth shortfalls.

So, it is so not right to think that diarrhea once over means there is no further danger. There is still danger present that can impact the healthy life of children and adults. 

Myth 2: Diarrhea should be treated if it gets bad

Diarrhea is a disease that is not always acute. Sometimes it cannot be as bad as it is in the case of acute diarrhea. But still, it is equally important to treat it on time as this can easily become life-threatening. So, waiting for diarrhea to get better on its own is the biggest mistake people make.

There is no way diarrhea can stop on its own. It causes severe dehydration and lack of nutrients that can be really bad for health. So, stop believing in this myth that you don’t treat diarrhea on time and wait till it gets worse. Think for yourself and your family and get it treated as soon as you get it. 

Myth 3: Drinking fluids will make your diarrhea worse

Besides the fact that diarrhea is already liquid, the body that is going through diarrhea is already dehydrated. So, while suffering from diarrhea it must be made sure that you are consuming lots of liquid. This is done to replenish the water that is lost from the body. 

The drinks that you need to avoid are caffeine like tea and coffee. This is because caffeine contains diuretics and stimulates the body’s processes that make diarrhea worse. 

People suffering from dehydration through diarrhea must feel the symptoms like dark yellow urine, feeling thirsty, and feeling fatigued. There can be a need to use IV fluids to cure the dehydration caused by diarrhea. 

Myth 4:  Diarrhea comes along with seasonal flu

A lot of people believe that diarrhea is one of the symptoms of the flu but it is actually a very big myth. Now, this being a viral myth is still believed in by a huge chunk of the population.

The seasonal flu can make you feel feverish and can cause pain in the body. It is a disease that attacks the respiratory tract and the lungs. But on the other hand, diarrhea is closely related to the digestive system. So, to believe in this myth is the biggest mistake one can make.

Myth 5:  Talking about diarrhea in a gathering is offensive

Taking offense when there is a talk on diarrhea is quite common in some gatherings. This can impact the lives of children and people around us. Now, to think that it is offensive in the 21st century is a big problem. A lot of people with awareness have become open about the topic of diarrhea. It was older times when everyone used to take offense in the discussion of diarrhea. 

Now, it is not considered a big deal. A lot of people quite openly discuss this problem with others. So, this myth is also busted. 


Diarrhea is one cognition that can be life-threatening if not treated properly on time. A lot of people to date believe in myths about this condition that is so not true. It is best to do your own research, in this way you get familiar with what is right and what is made up. So, educate yourself and learn what is true and what is just misinformation spread around.