5 Best Ways For Checking Printer Ink Levels 

Printers are the most efficient device for streamlining your work in the office, college, or your kid’s school project. But the problem is that you cannot use printers frequently like other gadgets like mobile phones, chargers, or notepads. So the printers suffer from the problem of drying ink; thus, it is imperative to monitor the printer’s ink levels continuously. Optimizing your printer’s ink consumption is the simplest and most cost-effective sustainable printing. The world’s top printer manufacturers have made our work easy by giving printing apps or display panels for displaying ink levels.

With the help of the apps and various display panels in our printers, you can do your printing job easily. Now you can print grapes, color, or monochrome imagery print consistently without worrying about drying ink. Toner Kingdom is the best place for buying ink cartridges for different types of printers. They have ink cartridges for models of printer toners and ink cartridges. By applying the Toner Kingdom Coupon Code, you can get the best deals on all your purchases.

Let us discover and learn about the different ways to check the printer’s ink level:

  • Manually checking printer ink levels

The user of a modern wireless printer that has an advanced color LCD or touchscreen display then you can check the printer ink level. You can check the printer ink level on the printer itself with simple navigation. The printer’s onboard control panel menu displays the ink levels. But for some reason, the ink levels shown on the printer displayed on the panel are not accurate. You are getting low ink alerts despite displaying fully on the control panel. 

The problem may arise because your printer is experiencing some clogging issues. It is best to run a printer diagnostics test or a printer cleaning session. Another reason for showing low ink levels is that you are using traditional ink cartridges, and the ink has dried up. The HP Smart Tank printers users can visually see the ink levels through these printer models’ innovative ink tank windows. 

The ink refill bottles can cling to the wall of the windows, so it is best to check your printer’s ink levels on the control panel. To make sure that the readings of printer ink level are accurate. This is the primary reason people prefer ink tank printers instead of ink cartridges. Another reason is that there is less chance of ink drying up. 

  • Checking printer ink levels through computers

Many printer models do not have LCDs, so most of the diagnostic function is done using a series of connected devices. Epson and Brother have developed their Status Monitor software that can be easily enabled. The Printer Status Monitor software quickly checks the printer’s ink levels on your Mac or PC. 

Without enabling the Status Monitor of your printer, you can view the status of ink through the Start menu on PCs or under System Preferences on your Mac. Let us go through the process of checking the printers ink levels on different printers:

  • HP Printers

You can check printer ink levels on an HP Deskjet or any other HP printer on the control panel. Go to the printer menu from the control panel and look for a particular section. It can be an Ink drop icon, a Cartridge icon, or a Toner Level indicator depending on the model of the printer. 

To check ink levels on HP printers on Windows 10, you must download the HP Smart app from the Windows store. Afterward, add your printer to the application to check the ink levels on the home screen.

5 Best Ways For Checking Printer Ink Levels

  •  Canon Printers

The ink levels of Canon’s printers can be checked by using the corresponding software on your PC or laptop. You have to download the original and latest version of Canon software. To check the Canon printer ink levels on Windows 10, you must open the printer driver setup window. Windows 10 users must open the Start menu, select Settings, and click on devices. You can see your printer model from here, then right-click on it and choose printing preferences from the menu. 

Then go to the Maintenance tab and click View Printer Status. From here, you can see the window with full information about the printer ink levels on a Canon Pixma printer.

  • Brother Printers

The users of Brother printers can check the ink levels from the control panel. If your printer does not have a touchscreen panel, then start by pressing the Menu button. After that, select Ink or Ink Management with the arrow keys and press OK. Then choose Ink Volume, press Ok, and afterward, press Stop/Exit.

If you have a touchscreen model of Brother printer, then for checking the printer’s ink levels, use the Left/Right arrow keys to display ink. Then press and select Ink Volume with the help of the Up/Down arrow keys, and in the end, press Stop/Exit.

To check Brother printer ink levels for Windows 10, open Brother Status Monitor application or check from Control Center.  

3. Check printer ink levels by apps

HP and Canon printers have launched printer apps for streamlining the process of wireless printing and scanning. The apps are compatible with wireless printers, and you can easily check the ink levels. Let us run through the process of checking printer ink level through apps for various printers:

  • HP Smart App

The first and foremost thing is downloading the HP Smart App and then adding the printer model to the app. Then you can continuously view the printer levels on the app’s home page. To check the app’s functionality, you can compare the ink levels displayed on the app with our computer’s printer. 

  • Canon Printer

You can check your Canon printer ink level by downloading the Canon Printer app to constantly update the ink levels. The Print app can also perform diagnostic tasks, test prints, maintenance tasks, and printer cleaning at any time. 

Final Thoughts On Best Ways Of Checking Printer Ink Levels  

The ink levels play a crucial role in any kind of printing activity. The use of printers is an absolute necessity in almost every institution. So it is very important to know about the functionality of these printers. In this article, we have described how to check a printer’s ink levels. By checking printer ink levels in your daily professional practices, you will be at low risk of getting low ink levels. Thus you can continue with your printing job without any worry.