3 Creative Ways To Use Storage Boxes

Whether it is toys, winter clothes, books, stationary, or even hazardous substances, storage boxes work great for storing and organising items. By stacking these containers in corners or on high shelves or on top of one another, you will be able to use every inch of your storage space. It is easier to retrieve clothing from the correct container without rummaging around, and the sturdy boxes prevent the items from being damaged by the elements, such as damp basements or dusty attics.

RS Components has an array of storage boxes that come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. You can overcome that overwhelming sense of clutter and organise your daily routine more efficiently with our storage boxes. Let us take a look at three creative ways to use storage boxes.

Organising files and office stationery

There has never been a better time to organise your important files and incorporate new filing technology at work. The best way to turn piles of paper into file stacks is using storage boxes from RS Components. With our efficient storage cabinets and shelving systems, it will be easier to organise your files and office stationery. The shelving storage we offer consists of a number of free-standing or mounted shelves, usually linked by an outer frame. It is easy to stack, store, or organise items that way. You could even colour code and sort files into categories, allowing you to find files quickly. 

Household tools and equipment

You can use storage boxes to store household hand tools such as hammers, drills, saws, and other DIY tools you use for hardware activities. Keeping your tools in heavy-duty plastic containers can make them easier to transport from your garage, patio, shed, or wherever else you have outdoor storage space. Tools should be stored in a secure place as they can be dangerous if strewn around. By doing so, you will protect these items and keep them close to where they will actually be used.

In addition to safety, placing them in a secure container will ensure they are protected from damage and will last longer. To prevent them from hitting each other inside the box, make sure they are placed in their respective packaging.

Winter clothes and unused clothes

Are your winter clothes overflowing or tumbling out of your cabinets? There is no point to stack your unused or seasonal clothes alongside the clothes you wear daily.

We have a perfect solution for that – you can store your winter clothes or unused clothes in storage boxes. You will have an easier time arranging your clothes this way, and your clothes will also be preserved because they will not get crumpled or folded constantly.

You can provide a neat and safe work environment for your employees and customers by using our storage boxes with lids, compartment dividers, or storage containers with drawers. RS Components offers a variety of storage boxes in different sizes, dimensions, and colours. It is possible to keep the boxes against a wall, in a corner, or even under your desk or worktable, depending on your space needs.

To make your office space organised, you can use our range of high-quality storage boxes. To take a look at our storage boxes and understand how you can use them creatively, visit our website.