what to do after bca

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program is a three-year undergraduate degree that teaches students how to use computers and write programs. what to do after BCA It’s the entry point for most people into the IT industry. It is becoming increasingly popular among young people as we enter an era of rapid technical development, widespread digitization, and a historic transition to an economy based entirely on information technology.

There is a wide variety of fields where BCA graduates might find work. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a BCA alumnus who is still pondering his or her professional future. This in-depth analysis is designed to inform students’ career decisions on what to do after BCA and direct them toward promising opportunities upon completion of the BCA program.

What Should I Do With My Degree in BCA?

What to do after BCA, If you graduate from a Bachelor of Computer Application program without pursuing additional education, you will not be able to advance in your chosen field. Students with a Bachelor of Computer Applications degree have a wide range of options for furthering their education and professional development. These include Master of Computer Application (MCA), Master of Computer Management (MCM), Master of Information Management (MIM), Master of Information Security Management (MISM), Master of Data Science (MDS), and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs (MBA).

Short-term courses in digital marketing, network security, cyber security, and coding are also available to BCA grads. Gaining these credentials will increase marketability and employment stability by broadening one’s base of technical skills and knowledge. After finishing the BCA program, graduates have a wide variety of high-visibility professional options from which to choose.

Follow-up Questions for After the BCA

How many of you have wondered what you could do with a BCA degree? How far may BCA be used? What kind of employment possibilities does BCA have? BCA is among the most common graduation courses that students pursue after completing their education. In today’s day and age, earning a BCA degree is compulsory yet it is not enough. It is not simple to obtain high-paying employment for BCA graduates if one has not chosen the correct courses following BCA. One has to take up a post-graduation or professional certificate to have a well-established career following a BCA degree.

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There are various employment alternatives open to students after obtaining a graduate degree in BCA, but not all students are aware of the different pathways they can pursue to establish BCA job chances. Let’s review the potential career alternatives following BCA that you might consider for a steady job chance in the future.

Top Career Options After BCA 

Technical Analyst

What to do after bca It is one of the most fascinating work alternatives after the BCA course. The responsibilities include \ executing IT procedures and systems to boost efficiency.

Suggesting cheap and cost-effective technology applications.

Predicting the changes in the stock market from a keen technical point of view.

To gain better prospects in the field, further certifications like SQL and knowledge of MS office will be helpful. Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Masters Program can be a terrific resource for learners to get started.

Data Scientist

After the BCA course, it is a much-desired job, with the field increasing by leaps and bounds. However, certain extra certifications like data visualization, big data, and predictive analysis are needed separate from the BCA degree to access this position. As per Ambition Box, a data scientist’s typical base annual income starts at ₹11.0 lakhs and can go even higher. Our Data Scientist Master’s Program can be a terrific learning experience for learners at the beginning of their careers.

Web Developer

This employment can be opted for by graduates as a viable career choice and mostly entails designing and maintaining websites. Additional certifications and abilities like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and CSS are required to gain higher employment offers in the area. According to AmbitionBox, a web developer’s typical basic yearly pay starts at ₹3.2 lakhs. We give a Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development in partnership with Caltech CTME which can be a terrific addition to your resume.

Digital Marketer

With the digital marketing profession increasing with huge strides, it gives a wealth of prospects for BCA grads. The tasks and responsibilities include web content optimization, marketing analytics, and search engine optimization. Apart from BCA, hands-on experience using online technologies is greatly preferred. Our Digital Marketing Job Guarantee Program can be your first step towards being an ace digital marketer.

Software Developer Trainee

It is an entry-level work role for BCA graduates, where the trainee is responsible for designing and maintaining software programs while also learning and obtaining hands-on experience in several computer programming languages. Once the software developer trainee becomes skilled in a particular computer language, they are tasked with a suitable project. 

Banking Sector

Digitization of the financial industry has opened up banking positions for BCA graduates that mainly entail technical roles. The applicants need to be completely knowledgeable in financial, logical reasoning, and qualitative ability to ace the interviews for the job offers.

E-commerce Executive

New options have been opened up for graduates with the increasing popularity of e-commerce. According to Ambition Box, the average basic yearly pay of an e-commerce executive is ₹2.4 lakhs.

Educator \BCA students who possess subject-matter competence and are proficient in academics can take up a teaching profession following graduation. Many institutions and online organizations hire graduates as part-time or full-time lecturers. The remuneration corresponds to the number of hours of teaching and the organization’s financial strength.

Cyber Security Expert

It is a greatly sought-after position for many graduates with the job role focused on networking, application, and ensuring data security using complex software and technologies. With a couple of extra certificates, the opportunities will expand even further. Explore Sampliner’s Cyber Security Expert Master’s Program can be a perfect step to kick off your career.

Blockchain Developer

You can earn a high income in this young yet expanding profession with a further online certification. The job roles mainly require dealing with blockchain technology tools such as Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols, Solidity, and Java. Similien’s Blockchain Bootcamp can be an excellent approach to starting your career as a Blockchain developer.


Selecting your chosen career and what to do after BCA from university might be a laborious task. Avail career-boosting expert coaching and counseling online by Simplilearn to help you determine the finest field for your future job chances. In addition, check out these Simplilearn online courses, which add value to your resume, raise your professional trajectory, and give a new direction to your life.