Ios 16.1 – That’s In The Iphone Update

Ios 16.1 introduction

After fixing a few small bugs, Apple is now giving iOS 16 its first major update. ios 16 Wallpaper Rapper The iPhone will soon have, among other things, Live Activities, a shared iCloud photo library, and Fitness+.

iOS 16.1 adds some features to the iPhone that Apple had already talked about but hadn’t yet put into place. As usual, some of the new features are only available in the US. On Monday, October 24th, you’ll be able to download the iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas For iPhone 2021-2022 update.

The Icloud Photo Library Was Shared.

Six family members can share, edit, and delete photos and videos in a separate library using iCloud Photo Library. Users can easily switch between a shared library and a personal library, or mix the two.

Now, the Photos app can switch between personal and shared libraries.

Now, the Photos app can switch between personal and shared libraries. Photo: TECHBOOK

You can add photos directly to the iCloud Shared Photo Library from the Camera app’s Share feature. Even when family is close by, the iPhone will always suggest sharing.

Without An Apple Watch, Fitness

Apple has already put the fitness app on the iPhone with iOS 16—even if you don’t have an Apple Watch. The iPhone’s motion sensors measure steps, distance, and workouts to figure out how much energy is used. In the calculation, data from third-party apps is also taken into account.

With iOS 16, anyone with an iPhone can now use the Apple Fitness+ app to keep track of their workouts.

Here’s how to start keeping track of what you do.

Before iOS 16, the only way to “Close Your Rings” was to be active throughout the day while wearing an Apple Watch. The paid Apple Fitness+ subscription gave you access to all these extra workouts, but you couldn’t even start one unless you were wearing an Apple Watch.

We’re not sure what made Apple finally decide to let iPhone users download the Fitness app as a separate app. But no matter why, we’re thrilled that you can finally close those rings even if you don’t have an Apple Watch.

The only “catch” is that your iPhone will need to be updated to iOS 16. If you are using an older version of iOS, it doesn’t look like Apple will let you download the Fitness app.

Now that Apple has removed this restriction, anyone with an iPhone can use Apple Fitness+, whether or not they also have an Apple Watch.

Now, with iOS 16.1, Fitness+ is built into the iPhone without the need for an Apple Watch. Fitness+ is a paid service that gives you access to thousands of workout and meditation videos. But the iPhone doesn’t let you track things like heart rate and calories burned in real time while you work out. For this, you still need an Apple Watch.

Live Activities

Apple had already announced live activities, but with iOS 16.1, third parties can also use the new feature. Live activity is made to help keep track of things as they happen. For example, they can show how a game is going, when the taxi or Uber will arrive, how the workout is going, and where the food that was ordered is. Live Activity looks like alerts at the bottom of the lock screen on iPhone 14 and older models. Even when unlocked, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max show them in the Dynamic Island.

Matter Integration

Matter, a standard for smart homes that can be used by different manufacturers, was released at the beginning of October. Companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung working together makes it easy to set up and add compatible accessories to the home app. Since the technology works on multiple platforms, it no longer matters who made a device.

Dynamic Island Can Be Played With One Hand.

The iPhone’s “one-handed mode” lets users move the screen content down so that they can reach things that are higher up. A swipe down from the top of the screen turns on the function. With iOS 16.1, you can now move the Dynamic Island down with one hand.

Keys Can Be Shared In Apple Wallet.

With iOS 16.1, you can now use messaging apps to share keys to cars, hotel rooms, and other places. This works with messages, email, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.

Germany Does Not Get The Features Of Ios 16.1

The third developer beta version of iOS 16.2 from Apple is now available to download. This means that iOS 16.2 should be widely available soon. Have you looked at what’s new in iOS 16.1 before that release? Early in October, compatible iPhones and iPads with iPadOS 16 got the new iOS software. As a follow-up to iOS 16’s new features, like the ability to unsend messages and more ways to customise your lock screen, iOS 16.1 adds a bunch of new features, tweaks, and fixes to your iPhone.

Here are the new things in iOS 16.1 and what they do. If you haven’t already, we show you how to download the update here. Want to learn more about how your iPhone works? Check out the best hidden features and changes to settings that will make your device work better.

If you have an Apple Card, which is not available in Germany, you can open a fee-free savings account with Goldman Sachs and have your cashback rewards put there automatically.

In iOS 16.1, there is a useful feature that charges the iPhone when the grid is using cleaner energy sources like solar and hydroelectric power. Apple hopes that this will make the iPhone less of a source of CO2.

Does Ios 16.1 Fix The Trouble With The Battery?

The iPhone battery drains quickly after the iOS 16 update, which is one of the biggest problems with it. Users of different iPhone models are saying on social media that the batteries don’t last as long as they should. TECHBOOK saw the same thing happen with both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13.

The iOS 16.1 release notes don’t say if the problem has been fixed or not. So far, the beta version of the update hasn’t made any changes to how long the battery lasts.