8 Completely Free Ways You Can Spend Your Weekend With Your Friends

I despise the idea of not socialising because you’re on a tight budget. It can be difficult, however, if your usual methods of socialising include going out for food or drinks. It’s amazing how much fun you can have without breaking the bank, mostly by remembering how you used to spend time with your friends when you were a kid. You didn’t have any money back then, but you had fun by going to the park and having sleepovers. You can have board game nights and at-home drinks if you change everything to be more adult-friendly.

1.Make a picnic out of what you have at home.

If you are fortunate enough to have nice weather, It can be tempting to go out and spend a fortune. However, the best way to enjoy the sun without spending money is to pack a picnic, grab a random blanket, and head to the park.

Picnics are a great way to socialism with friends. Everyone is welcome to bring their favorite foods, and no money is required. It is also not a clearly free activity and can appeal to all budgets. If your friends’ budgets aren’t as tight, they can go out and buy some of their favorite picnic items, and you won’t look stingy with your prepared sandwiches because that’s what picnics are all about!

Alternatively, if your cupboards are looking a little empty, you can each bring one dish or snack and share everything!

In any case, if you want to take advantage of the nice weather without spending any money, plan a picnic in the park!

2 outdoor activities that do not feel like exercise.

If you live near hiking trails, you should definitely take advantage of them this weekend! This is something I discover while surfing. I usually go for at least three hours, which includes three hours without access to my phone and three hours in the beautiful ocean, where I can’t scan my card.


Add in the driving there and back, the hot shower I crave afterward, and the immediate desire to change into my pajamas and eat some home cooked food, and I don’t spend money on these days without realizing it.

3. Movie night at home

One of the best ways to spend an evening with friends without spending any money is to watch a movie with lots of blankets, snacks, and hot drinks.

My friendship group enjoyed watching an entire movie series over the course of a few days. We’ve done it before with Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. This works so well because there is no time spent deciding what to watch. You’ve all arrived and decided what you’re going to watch.

Remember having sleepovers with your friends and watching a scary movie or two when you were a kid? That is exactly how it is.

You will most likely have access to all of the streaming sites available through your friendship group.

It’s not only a great way to spend your weekend doing something active, but the lack of opportunities to spend money in the mountains means you won’t be able to.

I dislike scary movies but find them amusing when watched with friends.

Again, it’s all about putting yourself in a position where you have nowhere to take your money, and your living room is ideal for this.

4. Go to your local museum.

I’m sure this isn’t for everyone in your friend group, but some museums offer fantastic all-day experiences.

Whatever your passion, there is bound to be a museum or gallery dedicated to it a short distance away.

If you despise history, there are always art galleries or fashion exhibitions.

When I was in Berlin with my boyfriend, we went to a car museum, which was fascinating even to me, who was not particularly interested in those types of cars.

The museum was completely free, and it was a trip highlight for both of us. However, and I am guilty of this, most of us group museum visits together as something to do when travelling. However, being a tourist in your own city and visiting the museums nearby can be just as enjoyable.

Boardgame night Some of my favourite nights have been spent around a table with my best friends playing board games.

5. Board game night

It’s a great way to get everyone off their phones and talking, as well as some healthy competition. If each of you brings a board game, you’ll have a huge selection to choose from.

Not everyone has a board game, but it may be worth buying a different one for each person because they will last forever and provide many fun nights with not only your friends but also your family.

Board games aren’t just for the holidays!

6 contributed this image

It’s time to break out the fluffy pyjamas and face masks for a spa day (or night.)

Actual spa trips can be very expensive, especially when actual treatments are usually extra.

Realistically, you and your friends may simply want to be pampered, which is easily accomplished with foot baths, face masks, wine, and relaxing music.

You can paint your nails or apply a hair mask while relaxing with your friends.

All of that opulence for nothing.

7 Hosting a dinner night can be costly at times

You might be out of money by the time you’ve purchased all of the ingredients and wine.

Dinner parties, on the other hand, can be a lot of fun and a great way to socialise in a more intimate setting than a restaurant.

A potluck dinner night is a good way to get the best of both worlds, as each guest is assigned a dish, either starter, main, side, dessert, alcohol, etc, so that an entire dinner party is made from what is in everyone’s cupboards.

I say this method is free because you would have planned to feed yourself for dinner that night in your meal plan, and all you have to do is make a slightly larger portion from the ingredients you have on hand and bring it with you.

8. Quiz night

Finally, quiz nights are something that my friendship group does frequently. We take turns hosting the quiz and get quite competitive while doing so. We used to have a quiz night every Monday at university.

We enjoyed going to pub quiz nights, but they can be expensive by the time you’ve purchased enough drinks to last the entire quiz. As a result, hosting them ourselves was always a lot of fun because it cost nothing but was always a lot of fun.

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Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to spend more free time with your friends this weekend. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on socialising and living your best life. I find that thinking back to how you spent your time as a child with friends can inspire you because most of us didn’t have much money.