Crying at the school gates: Drop off routine of children

Children have just gone back to school or if. They’re in reception and have just started school which is such an exciting time but it can also be a bit scary. So I’m sure many of you have unfortunately experienced crying at the school gates and I’m talking about it. The children, not you although parents sometimes cry too this just means that on drop off children start getting very clingy they don’t want to go to school. They start crying and it turns into a huge thing and it’s very upsetting for the child.

The parent or the caregiver so I wanted to give you a couple of suggestions of how you can make this transition into school a little bit smoother and hopefully over time stop. The crying and the upset one thing that really made me want to make this post was.

I saw a comment that a parent left on a Facebook group that I follow and she was talking about how her son is crying in the mornings going to school she’s trying to keep very calm and collected but someone said something that really upset her she said it didn’t help yesterday a friend saying to me. Many students who are on the upper level are very anxious about their assignments like they need matlab assignment help or any other types of academic papers this is also a Couse of stress for them.

Attachment to the mother:

You have to be careful as the school will see that as an unsecured attachment to the mother really first of all that’s complete and utter rubbish and I will tell you why as a reception teacher I would find it very strange if I didn’t have any children crying or being a little bit emotional upset worried scared anxious confused when.

They started reception in September I’ll go more into that in a minute second of all parents need to be helping other parents this is not a competition it’s horrible when parents see. The playground is a place for competition and to see which child is the best.

Who’s the most well-adjusted who’s the highest in reading it’s it doesn’t matter. So for a parent to be going through this ordeal with their child getting them into school and seeing them. So upset for another parent to say that that is a cause for concern.

Children at the beginning of the year:

The school will see it as an unsecured attachment to a mother that’s just not helpful even if it was true to please parents you need to be helping each other and supporting each other because your children are all in this together and so are you so. The reason I say that is I would be confused if I didn’t have any children at the beginning of the year. Many children need academic writing help uk in the beginning of the year from their parents or any good teacher.

Who was struggling with the transition to reception it’s because. The transition to reception is a huge deal we may not see it as such but for most children, this is the single biggest thing. They’ve ever had to do they have to wear a uniform which. They’ve probably never had to do this before they get dropped off by their parent or caregiver and told to just go. They don’t know this place they don’t really know the people. They don’t know. For the children, it’s probably one of the first times.

Imagine being stuck in a room:

They have had to be in a classroom with 29 other children all day which in itself is difficult just imagine being stuck in a room with 29 other people that you don’t know and being told to go and make friends and just deal with it even as a parent that’s terrifying so here are some things you can do to make the transition in. The morning to score a little bit smoother one thing that I would definitely recommend is having a routine now of course you need a routine in the morning.

When you’re getting ready for school but I’m talking more about when you get to school. So try and have a positive morning you might do breakfast then read then uniform then get your things together and go you will have your own system in. In the morning tries as much as you can to make it as little chaotic as possible although I know with multiple children that sometimes difficult even just with one child that’s often difficult when you get to school that is usually when children start to get quite nervous because they see. The school and they think oh my god it’s happening again.

Place to have a routine:

They’re taking me to this place to have a routine means you get to the school gate or the classroom door or wherever you drop your child off if you are at a school where you need to help them put their things away first do that first then have a very clear routine but when I’m going to tell you now is one I have seen in action and it worked a treat over a short period of time kiss hug high-five bye bye.

So you need to get down to your child’s level give them a kiss then give them a hug you have a high five stand up and say have a lovely day. They go in a lot of time. The anxiety around leaving mummy or daddy or the caregiver is that. They don’t actually know when that point is that mummy or daddy or. The caregiver is going to leave really small things like that as adults.

We don’t always think about so the tried and tested solution for many children can be a kiss hug high-five bye the worst thing you can do for a child who is struggling with going to school. The morning is to let them keep having cuddles more cuddles more cuddles more kisses and let them cling to your leg and really draw out. The whole experience it might seem harsh but the best thing to do is to keep your routine quick and then leave as a teacher I have even had to hold children and pick them up and take them into the classroom.

So that they can go and hold it look at it and it just helps them to remember that mummy and daddy love them. They’re coming back and it’s okay and it’s just like they can have a piece of you at school if you decide to use a transitional object for your child just check with your child’s teacher that the object you’re giving them is okay for school. So usually toys are come yeah of the question because children can’t have toys at school but I have had some children come in with a photo of their parents and that can really help them as well. So there are different things that you can try and it’s always a good idea to talk to your child’s teacher.

To talk to your child’s teacher.

It only takes a few days for some children. They may cry during the morning for drop-off and then it seems to get better and then you have a weekend and on Monday. They start tearing up again which is also very normal because it’s just kind of the shock of everything happening again. So just know that it is completely normal you aren’t doing anything wrong. There are things you can do to help if you have tried something with your own children for the transition at drop-off time, please.

Let me know in the comments below because that is also a great opportunity for other parents to talk about it in the comments and to learn from each other I also have a post about preparing your child for school if your child has already started school some of those tips are still relevant so make sure to check that out I will link it in the description box below.

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