Offbeat camping locations in Jaisalmer


You ought to tour to Jaisalmer if geology is your area of hobby. Aakal, also referred to as the wood Fossil Park, lies about 15 kilometers from the city. Geologic catastrophes that passed off in the Thar wilderness a hundred and eighty million years in the past may be located and traced right here. here are the best offbeat camping in Jaisalmer.

The Thar desolate tract and the Pakistani border are each no longer far from this “Golden town.” The Jaisalmer fort, popularly referred to as Sonar Qila, is the most top notch monument within the town (Golden citadel).

Jaisalmer fortress isn’t always simply a tourist vacation spot, in contrast to maximum different forts in India. Further to ancient havelis (homes), it additionally has stores and inns.

One of the greatest ways to find out things that have no longer been located but is to go on a Jeep safari. Jeep safari is the hobby for you if you revel in coming across new locations and are a nature enthusiast but dislike taking walks a lot.

Exploring new locations in a 4-wheeled automobile will make you sense non violent. You will be exhausted after this workout and will need a place to relax, so it first-class be cozy, appealing, and great to stay in.

The high-quality places to unwind in Jaisalmer after an extended, strenuous day are indexed under:

Camping in Jaisalmer with Jeep Safari

This campsite, which offers views of the wasteland environment and is tucked away many of the golden dunes of the Thar desert, makes for the proper getaway from the hustle and bustle of ordinary lifestyles. Revel in an opulent live inside the Mewar style with a huge style of enjoyment and delicacies. Swiss tent inns with adjacent toilets.

At some stage in your stay, breakfast, supper, nighttime snacks, and tender liquids may be supplied. 30-minute camel safari within the evening. 30-minute Jeep safari tour (relying on the variation decided on). Inside the overdue evening, a bonfire. Folks dancing, track, and cultural shows at the cease of your day. 

Oasis Camp Sam

Jaisalmer, one of the most beautiful global historical past places, is well known for its forts, spectacular architecture, wasteland fairs, and non secular and spiritual web sites. The Oasis Camp, Sam is one of the most steeply-priced however ethnic accommodations in Jaisalmer’s Thar desolate tract.

It has properly-appointed Deluxe and luxury Tents as well as upscale Cottages. All of us who desires to embrace the colourful subculture of Rajasthan at the same time as taking inside the lovely points of interest of Sam Sand Dunes should live at this high-priced hotel.

The campground lies in Sam, which is effortlessly reachable by using public or personal transportation and is located 40 kilometers from Jaisalmer.

Luxurious tenting in Jaisalmer

It’s miles an uncommon feeling to be pampered within the center of the Thar desert. Revel in the desolate tract’s golden shimmering dunes in Jaisalmer and do something distinctive from the same old metropolis sightseeing.

These camps in Kanoi, Jaisalmer, provide a stunning ethnic enjoy inside the center of the desolate tract. Sam sunset factor, Bigi Dunes, and wilderness country wide Park are close by. Be a part of the tour to revel in an opulent and enjoyable stay in one of the deluxe tents.

You will have an unforgettable experience thanks to the big sand dunes, the crystal-clear sky, and the cactus plant life. Like taking in nature’s superb display. 

Manvar wilderness camp

To provide you with the finest excursion feasible, the camp is sprawled across 100 acres of desolate tract assets or even has an out of doors pool. There are camel safaris at the personal sand dune, village excursions, crane recognizing, and desert jeep safaris available right here.

The living room at the camp is tastefully embellished with elegant and sophisticated interiors and relaxed furniture, supplying you with an ideal spot to unwind and lose yourself in the expanse of the desert even as sipping on a cool beverage. The 30 exquisitely embellished safari-style tents that make up the Manvar wilderness Camp are organized in a semicircle round a important “Durbar corridor.”


Any other top Jaisalmer wasteland Camp can be determined forty five kilometers far from Camp e Khas. The Thar wasteland’s sand dunes are another call for this camp. Considered one of Rajasthan’s top tenting locations is thought to be the Camp e Khas.

Make your live more comfy in these tents, which had been mainly created to present vacationers an unforgettable enjoy. On a Jeep safari or a camel safari in Jaisalmer, you could in reality understand the soul of this entrancing vicinity. The interiors of tents are traditional however well-provided with cutting-edge conveniences. The camping tents come with all the facilities you could possibly need.

Nice time to go to Jaisalmer

The first-rate season to tour to Jaisalmer is from October to March, whilst the city’s temperate stages from 10°C to 27°C. Iciness is the best time to go to Jaisalmer due to the fact it is a desert city and the climate is good for all of the sightseeing that the region is known for.

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