How to Streamline your Medical Workflows with NextGen EMR Software 

Things become dramatically complex and tricky while managing the routine tasks of solo practices. Solo practitioners have a lot on their plates because they are short on staff. They have to supervise and guide their staff personally and handle patient encounters simultaneously. Even an ordinary person can understand how tiresome it is for solo practitioners to give their best to attain a streamlined practice. And all this has to be done without affecting the patient engagement and physicians’ work-life balance. So the question here is, is there a solution to this excessive workload so practitioners can heave a sigh of relief?

So, to your luck, yes, there is. Many EMR solutions explicitly cater to the needs of solo medical practices. This article will cover the best-of-all EMR solutions for this category: NextGen EMR. This healthcare solution offers everything a physician desires for simplifying the hectic day-to-day routine. It is like an all-inclusive platform that deals with all aspects of clinics to ensure a streamlined workflow, which is what solo physicians seek. Stay tuned to discover keen details about this best EHR for solo practice.  

How NextGen EMR is A Flawless Investment?

What makes EMR solutions outweigh their competitors is their product and feature range. In our case, NextGen EMR wins the ground by featuring an intuitive pool of customizable services and tools for medical professionals. Its features sheerly focus on what solo practices seek for and put an end to their miseries by providing them with pro-tech functionalities. With its 40 plus years of experience in the healthcare industry, the vendor surely knows how to transform the needs into reality and thus is a fantastic deal for care professionals.

Here’s what it offers:

Clinical Care

It is the top-most priority of this best EHR for solo practice. It tries to facilitate the care providers by helping them deliver the level of care patients deserve. NextGen EMR demo shows it helps improve the quality of care practitioners provide by;

  • Eliminating after-hours document management for keeping patient records intact by offering mobile-based solutions.
  • Minimizing the administrative workload for increasing employee retention.
  • Boosting clinical efficiency with a more effective yet personalized approach.
  • Providing specialty-specific information that professionals can directly incorporate into their workflow.
  • Adopting innovative and productive modes of patient care delivery
  • Adapting the system’s services to your set requirements.
  • Providing an extensive caregiver network for supporting interoperable operations.
  • Reducing the screen time by offering single access to patient documents, including medical history.

Financial Management

NextGen EMR’s financial management module assists practices to elevate performance, boost income, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and increase outcomes across the revenue cycle. The following are some scalable financial management services that the best EHR offers for solo practices:

  • Offers pre-service financial clearance and eligibility checks to prevent issues afterward.
  • Provides an automated and optimized charge generation facility based on the rules engine.
  • Cones with a comprehensive A/R management tool for processing claims with the least probability of errors.
  • Allows for contact recovery and auditing squeaky and error-induced claims for reducing rejection rate.
  • Tracks due payments and claims to keep a tab on the clinic’s financial health.
  • Offers a team of experienced revenue managers for managing end-to-end financial processes for improving financial stability.
  • Captures all profitable opportunities of scoring money at the lowest possible cost.

Patient Engagement

As revealed in its demo, another service NextGen EMR excels at is patient engagement. It is pretty challenging for solo practices to keep their clients engaged because they usually deal with numerous things simultaneously. But here’s how NextGen EMR assists in this aspect:

  • Offers a patient portal to keep patients updated on their progress.
  • Allows patients to view their past medical records, lab reports, and e-prescriptions to keep them engaged.
  • Enable all patients to communicate with the physicians through a secured communication interface.
  • Facilitates clients with remote care facilities with online care using the telehealth service.
  • Provides single-click access to patient portal 24/7 where patients can benefit from educational resources.
  • Supports online billing service and e-signature capability for patients’ convenience.

Connected Care

This feature is vital for running solo practices. Physicians can’t always make sound decisions by themselves; they need a consultant at some point in time. And that’s where NextGen EMR steps in as per its reviews. The vendor assists care providers by:

  • Allowing them to communicate with each other across the healthcare network without any barriers.
  • Sharing patient records without putting patient confidentiality at risk.
  • Featuring seamless communication without disruption to come up with better treatment options.
  • Enabling to conduct video call sessions for face-to-face interactions with another healthcare specialist.
  • Patients can move in and out of care facilities quickly by requesting their care specialists to share their records with their preferred consultant.
  • Enables seamless communication among the clinical community, like conveying data from physicians to staff.

Let’s have a look at another popular software:

EpicCare EMR

Before you purchase Epic EMR software, you should know the benefits it can provide you and your organization. This software has a host of features that will improve your workflow and increase patient satisfaction. It also has AI and business intelligence analytics, which will help your healthcare facility predict and meet patient needs. It is designed for hospital and physician use, and you can even benchmark against other patient populations.

This software is very customizable, and it can fit both small and large healthcare organizations. Because it’s cloud-based, you can add and remove features as your practice changes. It also has a reputation for offering reliable telehealth and a patient portal.