How to fix QuickBooks error 6000 -82?

QuickBooks is a well-known software in the field of accounting. It helps people in the same field on an everyday basis, yet there are certain issues that pop up with it from time to time. In this article, we will focus on one such problem- QB error 6000 -82.

What is the QuickBooks error code 6000 -82?

For QuickBooks users, the error 6000 -82 is frequently seen while attempting to open a company’s file or access company file data that the program is unable to access since it is located in a different system. Any arrangement, whether it be local or network-based, can have this problem. There is also a 6000 series of error codes that can appear for a number of different causes, including 6010 -100, 6000 -77, 6000 -80, 6000 -82, 6000 -832, 6073 -99001, and many more. To fix the problem, you must first determine the cause of the mistake and then select an appropriate solution.

Root causes of QB error code 6000 -82.

The communication fault between the host computer and the client’s computer, which makes it difficult for the user to open the company file, is the most frequent cause of QuickBooks to display error 6000 -82. The following are a few additional causes of this particular error code: 

  • To avoid triggering QuickBooks Desktop error 6000 82, you must always convert or restore QuickBooks data from your local storage.
  • The organisation file is being hosted by multiple systems in the network.
  • The client’s workstation can’t establish a connection with the server because of a bad network configuration.
  • The business file that you are attempting to open is damaged.
  • QuickBooks’ access to the corporate file on the network is prohibited by Windows Firewall or security software from third parties.

Telltale signs of QuickBooks error code 6000 -82.

Numerous problems are typically brought on by QuickBooks. Therefore, the advice provided below will assist you in identifying the true type. So let’s get started and discover all the challenges that arise once the error text appears.

  • The commands given to Windows have no effect.
  • QuickBooks hangs completely.
  • frequent and unexpected system crashes
  • The error message is displayed.

If you are also experiencing any of these symptoms, it is critical that you conduct the finest troubleshooting right away. As a result of one or more factors, these obstacles exist. Through the following section, we must learn to know them.

Methods to resolve QB error 6000 -82

  • Method 1: Employ the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to use 

This problem can be resolved by using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. The File Doctor is a program created by Intuit to identify and fix typical issues with business files and data.

  • Get QuickBooks File Doctor and set it up.
  • Launch the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, then choose your company file.
  • If any issues it identifies with your company file, The File Doctor will try to solve them.
  • QuickBooks error 6000 -82 will be resolved at this time following a successful scan.

Try the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods if error code 6000 -82 still exists.

  • Method 2: Shut down hosting on all the machines that have QuickBooks installed

For a single user: Disabling the hosting mode prevents access from multiple users.

  • Stop Hosting Multi-User Access can be found by selecting Utilities from the File menu.
  • The screen will flash a message as you do this. Select Yes.
  • When the company file must be closed, a message shows on the screen. Tap “Yes.”

For a multi-user

Important: It should be noted that if this issue occurs, it indicates that many computers have been configured wrongly to host multi-user access.

  • On each and every PC with the wrong hosting settings, this error message will appear.
  1. Click on File, then Utilities, under the No Company Open window.
  2. Verify that host multi-user access is available from the menu. In this case, take note that several client computers can display menu options and prevent hosting multiple user access.
  • Select the Stop Hosting Multi-user Access option after that, and it will appear on any client computer.
  • Make sure the log-in window appears before opening the problematic file.
  • Method 3: After the company file’s name and before its extension, eliminate any blank spaces if necessary.

It is advised that you eliminate any extra spaces from the firm file’s file name. To save yourself, take the following actions:

  • Close all instances of QuickBooks Desktop on your devices.
  • Open the directory containing the company file storage.
  • Choose Rename from the available options when doing a right-click on the QuickBooks company file.
  • Once the file has a name, delete any gaps that may exist between the file extension and the company name.
  • An organization file should be opened or created.
  • Method 4: Restore Your Company File’s Backup Copy

You can restore your corporate file and use that as your working copy if you have a backup copy of it. How to do it:

  • Select “File” > “Open or Restore Company” from the main menu in QuickBooks.
  • Click “Next” after selecting “Restore a backup copy” in the “Open or Restore Company” window.
  • The backup file you wish to restore should be selected in the “Select the Backup File” window, and you should then click “Open.”
  • Simply select “Yes” from the “Are you sure?” popup.
  • To finish restoring your backup, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Method 5: A switch to hosting local and remote file modes is made:
  • Click the F2 key in QuickBooks to reveal the window’s details.
  • Set the hosting to only accept local files
  • Change the multi-user mode on the File Menu by selecting it.
  • Check out the Company files. More information can be found in QuickBooks’ in-product help if you need it. The QuickBooks Desktop resource page also allows you to configure multi-user mode.
  • Press F2 while the company file is open to check the product detail tab.
  • Verify once more that only local files are being hosted.

This is another super effective method of eliminating QuickBooks error 6000 -82. If you are still troubled by this particular error, move on to the next troubleshooting method. 

  • Method 6: Configure the firewall
  • Start by searching the Port Monitor tab in the QuickBooks Database Manager.
  • Check the version of your QuickBooks program under the Port Monitor tab.
  • Keep a record of the firewall’s port number.
  • Next, launch the Windows Firewall.
  • In the firewall, select the Advanced settings.
  • When you right-click the in-bound option, select New Rule.
  • In accordance with your QuickBooks’ port number, choose the port.
  • Finally, simply select “Next” to complete the process.
  • Method 7: Restart the client’s device 

When trying to eliminate QuickBooks error code 6000 -82, this is another useful method of troubleshooting. You will notice that all system settings are reset after the machine is restarted, and all previous settings and program states are removed. 

  • Method 8: Make use of a different Quickbooks version.

If after trying all the aforementioned troubleshooting methods you are still bugged by the annoying error 6000 -82, this is another method you can go for. In this situation, you might want to consider uninstalling QuickBooks first, then installing an older or newer version.

  • The “Uninstall or modify a software” option in Windows can be used to remove QuickBooks from your computer.
  • You can utilize the Intuit website to download and install the desired version of QuickBooks.
  • Refresh QuickBooks and try to access your company file.


These are some of the simple yet most efficient troubleshooting methods for eliminating QB error code 6000 -82. If you are still facing issues while operating QB software you can contact us at