Cabinet Styles to Consider for Your Home

You’re likely familiar with the most common cabinet styles out there – maybe even have some in your own home – but as you’re planning your kitchen renovation or new construction project, there are plenty of other choices to make that can really change the look and feel of the room overall. Here are just a few of the more popular ones you should consider before making your final decision on which cabinet style is right for your home.


While some homes opt to go with a standard kitchen design and install more traditional style cabinets, the newer trend is all about the island kitchen cabinet. Island cabinetry helps create a usable workspace within the kitchen. For many homeowners, this means having convenient access to appliances and cookware located near the stove or range that wouldn’t otherwise be easily accessible in an ordinary kitchen design. Additionally, island cabinetry can often provide added storage space as well as extra seating options when entertaining company.

To install an island in your home you will need at least 36 of wall space surrounding the space where you want it installed. You’ll also want between 12 and 18 of base cabinet storage space, plus any upper cabinets built into a U-shape around the perimeter.


The allure of a traditional style is the sense of permanence and grandeur it exudes. A more conservative, formal look that suits those who prefer a more upscale appearance. Even if your home has an open floor plan, you can still incorporate this design element by incorporating high ceilings and crown molding, as well as large windows with heavy curtains or sheers. The traditional kitchen cabinet style is characterized by hardwood cabinetry with deep recessed panel doors. Whether painted or stained, the cabinets are typically accented with a dark color around the trim and bottom edge.


If you’re looking for a more modern look, then an allure cabinet is perfect. The clean lines and simple design will give your kitchen a contemporary look. For those that are wanting to transform their cabinets but still want the convenience of drawers, the island style is a great option. This style features two doors on one side with three drawers on the other and comes in many different shapes and sizes. You can get this cabinetry in both an allure or traditional style which gives you the opportunity to select the best option for your home. Island cabinetry provides a ton of storage without taking up valuable space. With everything being so close at hand, it’s easier than ever to be as organized as possible. You’ll find yourself using this space every day!


A rustic design is perfect for home owners who like the idea of bringing the outdoors in. With a farmhouse sink and cabinets that look like reclaimed wood, your kitchen will have a natural feel. For homeowners who want an industrial-chic vibe, stainless steel appliances are paired with white cabinets. Finish off this look by adding brick or stone countertops to mimic the rugged aesthetic of old factories. If you want your kitchen to be inviting and warm, consider adding beadboard paneling or wainscoting. If you’re looking to add more storage space, opt for a raised-panel door style with lots of nooks and crannies.


The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in a home. That’s why it’s so crucial that you choose the cabinet style that will work best for your needs. Will you need a sleek and minimalistic design? Or do you need more space with all the bells and whistles? There are many styles to consider when designing your kitchen, but today we’re going to talk about two of our favorite cabinet styles: ALLURE and Island Kitchen Cabinets.