Guide to Resolve Quickbooks Error 1328

Error 1328 is a detailed technical error that occurs during additional software or uninstallation. You may also encounter error 1328 while attempting to repair or update to the most recent maintenance release. The error may appear in the for a variety of reasons, and in order to resolve it, you must learn more about the various aspects of the concerned update error 1328.

What exactly is Error 1328, and why does it appear?

Error code 1328 is a common error that occurs during the update or installation of a software programme. The error message is displayed on the screen, along with its details and various option buttons in the box. The path to Error 1328 applying patch to file reference is the same as C:config.msi. but a distinct representation The error message 1328 can be resolved by investigating the possible causes of the error. Let’s get started on fixing error 1328!

What are the causes of update error 1328?

The list that follows includes all of the possible causes of the error 1328-

  • When the download is difficult to complete.
  • Invalid entries in the Windows registry during the uninstallation process
  • An abrupt power outage results in an incorrect system shutdown.
  • Malicious virus attacks can cause Error code 1328 during installation.
  • While managing your business accounting, a faulty system configuration can also cause the error 1328 desktop to appear.
  • A corrupt software file can make the installation process vulnerable to the previously mentioned technical error.
  • Incorrect installation is another reason on the long list.
  • Any network interruption can obstruct the download quickbooks or installation process and result in error code 1328 in Desktop.

How do I resolve error code 1328?

As soon as the error message 1328 appears on your screen, you must follow the steps below to fix error 1328 in desktop-

Solution 1: Find and rename the Config.msi file.

  • When the error occurs, the first thing you should do is locate and rename the config.msi folder on your system. Config.msi contains temporary files that can obstruct the process.
  • Find config.msi on your C: Drive.
  • When you double-click the file, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Choose Rename from the drop-down menu.
  • Insert the cursor at the end of the file name and replace it with.old.
  • To save the changes, press Enter.
  • Hide the protected files once more, then look for update error 1328.

Solution 2: Repair the Damaged Installation

To use this method, log into Windows as Administrator and navigate to the Features section of the Windows Control Panel. After that, locate your product and click the uninstall/change button. The following sequence of actions will bring up the installer, where you can select the Repair option. Once the repair is complete, try updating the software again. If update error 1328 persists, proceed to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 3: Use a Registry Repair Tool to Fix the Error

When the installation error 1328 is caused by invalid entries in the Windows registry, the Registry Repair Tool can be useful. It will repair the damaged registry entries that are causing the desktop error code 1328. Along with running the tool, you must also cure your system’s malware infections. Uninstall outdated PC Device Drivers after cleaning up your system. Run Windows System File Checker and install all necessary Windows updates. After completing these steps, determine whether the error 1328 applying patch has been resolved or remains unresolved.

Solution 4: Use Quickbooks tool Hub.

You must use the external tool Tool Hub with this solution. It aids in the resolution of common application errors. Before you begin, ensure that you are using the Tool Hub on Windows 10, 64-bit.

  • Close all applications that are currently running on the system.
  • Open a web browser, preferably Internet Explorer, and navigate to Quickbooks tool hub download. You must download the most recent version of the tool and save it in a convenient location on your system.
  • Once the ToolHub.exe download is complete, navigate to the file’s location.
  • To begin the Tool Hub download, double-click on the file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and after the installation, a Tool Hub icon will appear on your Windows desktop screen.

Note: If the icon is not on the desktop, you must use the Windows search option to find it.

To resolve error 1328, run the Quick Fix program.

  • Double-click the Tool Hub icon to launch it.
  • Click on Program Problems from the window that appears.
  • Select Quick Fix my Program.
  • To see if the error has been resolved, launch install, uninstall, repair, or update.

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The solutions described above may be useful in resolving Error 1328 in Desktop. However, if you are still experiencing the same problem for any reason, please contact our error support team. They will investigate the situation and correct the error as soon as possible.