Hoodoo Psychic Nathe

Nathe was born with psychic abilities. The moment I knew I had a gift was when I was a teenager when I saw my grandmother passing by the day before she crossed over to the other side.

In my early twenties, I started learning Tarot and started reading. In my thirties, I learned the Lenormand Oracle, which I use as my primary reading tool. In my 40s, I opened up to mediumship and started connecting with the deceased. I also decided to learn and practice hoodoo. Most of the time, reading is diagnostic of works that manifest the “third wish”. We will help you create your own spells.

My clients include all types of people from all walks of life. From celebrities to ordinary people who want to improve their daily lives. From 20 to 80 years old. I have done thousands of readings over the years, either in person with clients or as an invited guest at events. I did a reading. I especially like reading business, it’s called “Intuitive Business”. I have a degree in Economics and can speak the language of business and assist with marketing, hiring and sales decisions. It specifically focuses on soulmate, twin flame and karmic connections. I love working with clients who are planning to move and want to know the best location for them.
My belief system is diverse. I was born with a Catholic background. We also believe that the spirits of the deceased are with us. I believe in the law of attraction. I work with Catholic saints to get the answers you need and to seek their support. We work with Saint Joseph (real estate, home and work), Saint Cyprian (dark magic), Saint Francis (animals), Saint Sebastian (LGBTQI) and Saint. Antonio (love, marriage, relationships), St. Christopher (travel, moving), St. Onofre (lost, lost). My guides and spirits are deeply rooted in the magic of water – oceans, rivers and lakes.
Born in France near Brittany, I am deeply involved in Celtic traditions and folklore, including the moon and the equinox. I particularly rely on Sulis for reading. In the Celtic paganism of England, Sulith was worshiped at the baths of Bath. The Romans regarded her as one of her in the face of Minerva, her nurturing mother goddess, protector and healer, and curse-bringer.