Comparison of Metal and Acrylic Custom Keychains.

Keychains are around in our daily life. They are widely used to securely hold a car, house, or other important keys. Overall, this little piece is very useful and practical. Keychains are made from different materials. They are a great option as a gift, promotional items, and even as fundraising items. In addition to this, they are also common memorabilia for different life events like family trips and celebrations. A custom keychain maker guides you in choosing the best material for your custom keychains. Remember that different companies and institutions commonly use keychains as an excellent marketing strategy. 

These keychains serve as a very powerful promotional item for the product or service of the company. They can also be a corporate gift that freely advertises the basic information, like your company’s business name, address, logo, contact number, etc. Metal and acrylic are the two most commonly used materials in making custom keychain designs. At the same time, they both excel in various aspects like durability and usefulness. Having information about these aspects is very important. So, if you want assistance choosing the best material between metal and acrylic custom keychains, this article is helpful. 

Acrylic Keychains:

They can be made in a variety of ways, and most of them can be customized. High-quality acrylic letter blanks and complementary key rings can be used to make acrylic custom keychains. They look super fantastic when provided as party favors or as gifts. Of course, you can buy ready-made acrylic blanks and paint them yourself if you are not a competent artist. The patterns you want to put on your acrylic custom keychains can be chosen from a selection. There are several different ways to construct custom keychains. 

Whether you want a holographic or a simple acrylic keychain, you have plenty of choices. You can easily find these projects simple to do and don’t need many materials. Even a special one with a message just for you is also possible. However, if you never make any craft before, there is any need to worry. An excellent method to start a new pastime is using acrylic keychains.

Metal Custom Keychains:

They are great giveaways if you are searching for a great promotional item. They are a fantastic method to spread your message. In addition to this, they also improve your brand recognition. Metal custom keychains are wonderful gifts for both clients and customers. Of course, personalized keychains make excellent presents for businesses to give to their staff. They not just make excellent freebies but also help you to raise your brand recognition and boost sales. They are an ideal gift for different occasions, like birthdays and holidays. 

Custom metal keychains make the perfect giveaway because they have unique designs or messages. Moreover, they are perfect for gift-giving and business promotion because they are compact and inexpensive. They are practical, fashionable, and sometimes even come with a bottle opener. You can add a message or a photo of your special day on custom metal keychains to make them more unique. Undeniably, they are excellent promotional items for any business.


It is the most important factor you must consider in any promotional campaign. In addition to this, metal keychains are commonly more expensive as compared to custom acrylic keychains. They undergo many fabrication and manufacturing processes, like welding and machining. Moreover, they also need secondary operations or post-fabrication processes and finishing. 

On the flip side, acrylic custom keychains don’t need intensive fabrication processes to finish. They can be colored before the operation to eliminate secondary treatments since acrylic is cheaper than metal. So, a professional custom keychain maker can easily accommodate high-volume orders with faster turnaround times.


Since metals are often expensive, they make high-quality keychains with a pristine finish. Of course, they are ideal gift items for valued customers, employees, and personalities. The only important thing about metal custom keychains is that they can be prone to oxidation or rusting if not correctly designed and manufactured. On the other hand, acrylic custom keychains are made from less-expensive materials and can reach a huge market. So, according to a custom keychain maker, acrylic is the best material that you can use to make custom keychains. So, acrylic custom keychains are great in quality and can attract more audiences.

Strength and Durability:

It is a well-known fact that metal is very strong and durable compared to any material used to make custom keychains. Of course, metal keychains can withstand wear, pressure, and any damage. The only thing about metal keychains that irritate people is their weight. Metal keychains are very heavy, and sometimes it isn’t easy to hold them.

Meanwhile, acrylic custom keychains are long-lasting and will enjoy long retention among your customers. 

They are also very light in weight, so they are easy to carry. The durability of custom keychains is a crucial consideration, especially if you use them frequently. Acrylic is a polymer material and can last for over 100 years if properly maintained. This material also needs special attention and care, as improper handling can damage it. No one used keychains very carefully, so most of the time, keychains made from acrylic were damaged or broken. 

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Custom Designs:

You can easily make custom designs or logos using acrylic sheets. You can also choose 2D or a more sculpted 3D design that is more colorful and pleasing to the eye. Using 2D and 3D molds, your logos and designs will be ready quickly. You can easily make them at home without having so much professional training. You need a creative mind or a professional custom keychain maker, and you can get a beautiful acrylic custom keychain. 

The best thing about acrylic material is that it is transparent, so when you decorate it from one side, the other side will automatically illustrate with beautiful colors or patterns. You can not only use the same raised images on both sides, but you can use two different designs on the two sides. Regarding metal keychains, 2D and 3D designs and logos are not that sharp and colorful. However, if you want a classier, less aesthetic, and more professional design, you can always choose metal for making keychains.


Learning how to choose between a metal or acrylic custom keychain is never an easy task. You need to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of the materials used in making keychains. A good professional custom keychain maker recommends choosing the best quality keychain. It would be best to consider various important factors like price, strength, quality, and durability.