Find Out What Kind of Shoes Go Best With Flare Jeans

Denim is versatile. Today, there are so many jeans styles that you must wear them differently based on their silhouette. Flare jeans resemble bell-bottoms. Fitted in the hips and thighs, they’re wider at the hems. The roomy bottoms need balanced shoes.

Flare jeans define.

Flare jeans recall the 1970s, when the bottoms resembled bells. Flare jeans aren’t always wide. Shapes vary.

Bootcut jeans are flare-free. They may sit below the waist. They hug the upper legs and widen at the knee. It fits over boots without tugging or catching.

They’re not full. Bootcut jeans are straight from the knee to the ankle and balance the hips.

Wide leg jeans are roomier in the leg. The knees don’t taper. From hip to foot, they have an A-line silhouette. Wide at the hem, they allow more movement in the thighs.

Flare jeans have wider hems than bootcut. The bottom opening is 21 to 27 inches. However, the thigh is slim. So, there’s a visual contrast between the knee and hem.

If your jeans flare below the knee, you’ll look taller. Smooths the figure and lengthens the leg.

Many wear flare jeans to balance a curvy figure. Wide hems complement ample hips. The wide leg openings work for people with wide calves or boots.

Not just boots can be worn with flare jeans. These pants look great with several shoe styles we’ll cover.

Shoes for Flare Jeans


We’ll start by discussing boot and flare jeans. It looks like these pants were made for boots. The wide hems allow for extra fabric underneath.

If your boots don’t zip over skinny jeans, wear them with flares. Bulky calves work well with flares.

The boot tops won’t be visible. Check how the soles look with your jeans. Heels or platforms add height and a sleek look.

Just make sure your pants aren’t too short for the shoes. You’ll see too much of the boot, which will shorten the pants.

Don’t wear knee-high boots. Fitted jeans can bunch up or show ridges from boots. Your knees won’t bend well, and you’ll feel constricted.

Tall boots aren’t the only option for flare jeans. With these pants, ankle boots look good. Plus, ankle boots are better for short flares. Show off your cute shoes and flattering jeans.

What Should Your Boots Be?

Velvet, leather, or suede are good materials for flare-leg boots. They have a vintage feel. If you want to feel nostalgic, wear boots with fringe or studs. Animal print boots modernize retro style.

You can wear colored boots with flare jeans, too. Due to the funky pants, you can wear bright shoes. Bright primary colors, jewel tones, and earth tones work.

Worry less about matching your boots to your outfit. Even if your shoes and shirt are different colors, you can look put-together. You’ll look fresh and not forced.


In 1970s style, platform shoes look great with flares. The hems are lifted so they don’t drag.

Platform shoes are comfortable because the heel and ball of the foot are close together. Most can walk well in sky-high platforms because the front is almost as high as the back.

With flare jeans, platform shoes look great. Mules have an open heel and a covered toe. They’re open-toed or closed. Cold months call for closed-toe mules. Don’t let your heels get cold.

Espadrilles and wedge platforms go well with flare jeans. These chunky shoes give the hem a solid base. Draws attention downward, which can flatter a curvy figure.

Your jeans may cover your shoe if they’re wide and long enough. You should still pay attention to your shoes. When you sit, your toes and shoe soles will show. Check that your platforms aren’t scuffed.

You can highlight your shoes by hemming your long jeans. Hem jeans to go with platforms about an inch above the heels.

Big Heels

Chunky heels look good with flare jeans. They’re more comfortable than stilettos because they’re wider. Heels won’t hurt as much.

Experts say chunky heels are healthier than narrow ones. Chunky heels are better for weak ankles or balance issues. They distribute weight well and make walking and standing comfortable.

Plus, the heel’s size matches the pant hem’s. Again, you’re balancing your top and bottom half. Pair pants with solid shoes to ground them.

Some call chunky heels block heels. They’re interchangeable. The heel is square instead of tapered.

Chunky heels come in many styles. You can find sandals and heels with buckles and straps. Many closed-toe shoes have thick heels. Flare jeans look feminine with high-heeled Mary Janes.

Heels with ankle straps are chunky. When wearing flare jeans, you won’t see the straps. You can still wear comfortable shoes. If your shoes are ankle-laced, make sure they fit under the flares.

Huge bows and ribbons can mess up pants. You don’t want hems to bunch due to embellishments.

What to wear with mom jeans

Low Heels

Flare jeans look good with slim heels. You can wear narrow shoes with pants if the hems aren’t too wide. The sleek shoes will elevate your jeans. This makes them more modern, bringing them out of the 1970s and into this decade.

You have many options for slim-heeled shoes. If the pants are refined and narrow at the base, stilettos are fine. Dark denim looks formal with stilettos because it’s not faded. You’ll look chic in skinny heels and dark jeans.

Kitten heels raise your legs enough to wear these jeans. You may need to adjust shoe height.

You can’t cuff flared jeans, so the hem must be perfect. You may need different shoes for your flared pants. The back hem should be an inch off the ground.

Pumps look great with flared jeans. These versatile shoes go with mini dresses to skinny jeans. Some wear them with joggers for a unique look.

Pumps go with flared jeans. Even going to lunch will be stylish. Polished pumps can be worn to work with jeans on casual Fridays. They also work well at night.

No need for boring pumps! They vary in style, material, color, and pattern. Wear suede pumps daily. In wet weather, the fabric may be damaged by moisture.

Jeans look chic in satin pumps. But make sure the pants don’t stain the shoes. Some dark jeans bleed on lighter fabrics. If you wear satin shoes, they may absorb the pants’ color, especially if wet.

Leather pumps are chic. Basic brown or black is safe. Burgundy, navy, and emerald leather pumps are available. Match your personality and wardrobe to a color. With dark jeans, navy is classic.

If you’re wearing flare jeans with slim heels, choose long-toed shoes. Pointed shoes peek out from the pant hem to balance the look.

Round toes may not be ideal. It looks odd to walk around with full-foot flares. It will look like you’re floating.


Do you want a comfortable shoe that goes with flare jeans and other outfits? Clogs might work.

These shoes were popular in the 1990s but are now dated. They look great with flare jeans because they’re retro.

Clogs are comfy. Supportive footbeds help people with high arches. The uppers cover your whole foot and are seasonless.

If you think clogs are matronly, they’ve gotten sexier. Some have high heels and studs, which give you edge.

Choose a heeled pair of clogs. The heel doesn’t have to be high, but don’t wear Crocs.

Find a shoe with high-quality materials and a refined structure. Too flat or bulky clogs make flare jeans look frumpy.


Sandals are fine with flare jeans in the summer. To lengthen your legs, make sure your sandals have a heel. Flat sandals and flip flops don’t work with these jeans.

With flare jeans, embellished and gladiator sandals work well. If the leg is wide and long, the shoe may not be as visible. Flares with a side slit. The opening widens as you walk, displaying your shoes.

You can find block heel sandals in most shoe departments. They look best with flare jeans. They’re heeled but not formal.

Wearing ankle-detailed shoes and flare jeans can be risky. If shoes tie the calves, they’ll look bulky under pants.

In some cases, ankle-length flare jeans can show off the shoe. This look works best with wide thighs and knees. If they taper at the knee and widen at the ankle, they’ll look goofy. Shorter flares should have straighter legs.

What Shoes Don’t Go With Flare Jeans?

Although flats are great for many occasions, they don’t go well with flare jeans. These jeans can shorten your legs if you don’t add a heel. Flares and flats make short people look stumpy.

If you wear flares with heels, they’re too long for flats. Pants shouldn’t drag on the floor.

If so, it will ruin your jeans. Front flare jeans shouldn’t bend or bunch up. If you wear long flares with flats, the hems may fold and detract from your silhouette.

Some say sneakers and flares don’t mix, but we disagree. Running shoes are only stylish with gym attire. However, many manufacturers make flare jeans.

When lounging around town or with friends, wear sneakers with your flares. With flares, retro sneakers look great.

Vintage leather colors like brown, orange, or turquoise can make you look fun and casual. Slip-on Vans sneakers look good with flares.

Laced sneakers also work. Make sure they aren’t gym shoes. Platform sneakers are super cool. Raised bottom makes you look taller and provides a broad base for the wide hem.

When wearing shoes with flare jeans, try them on together. Even if the shoes look good with other jeans, they may not match your flares.

You should have a few pairs of shoes that match the height and style of your jeans so you can always go out.

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