Things you need to know while registering a company 

Running a business involves lots of activities and formalities which one needs to go through for smooth running. Also, every step should be done synchronously at right time to save yourself from penalties. This will keep you safe from all the hurdles, making sure you just focus on growing and making your business reach heights. One of the things is to get your business registered so that you get the right recognition your business deserves.

 You can easily register a pvt ltd company in India online with a few simple steps. Setting up a business is not a one-day thing and requires fulfilling many processes. Not getting your business registered keeps you away from many benefits plus causes havoc to your business. No matter, it is a partnership or proprietorship firm, registration of the company is important. You can easily get your company registered online in a few simple steps. Make sure to comply with company law. It is important to go step by step and follow every little guideline.

Following are some of the things you need to know while registering a company:

Know the process-

To start with the process, you need to get Director Identification Number (DIN). You will easily get this by filing an e-form. Then you need to get your Digital signature certificate (DSC). Like this, you have to go through every step as per the guidelines. Make sure you have all the valid and approved documents as per the requirement.


Gone is the days when it uses to take one week to get the whole registration process complete. Now you can do the company registration process online and get it done in one day with minimal formalities. The government has made the online registration process very centralized and short.

Company category-

When registering a company, you have to choose a category like a sole proprietorship, partnership company, one-person company, limited liability and private limited company. A private limited company is one of the most advantageous as you can easily file a case against the other partners. Also, choosing this category will help you to easily get external funds.

Company name-

Keeping a name helps in giving identity to your business. It is important to have a business name which will help your business to have a good space in the market. The name should be unique and should relate to the product and service offered by you to the public.

Form INC 29-

This form combines Director Identification Number (DIN), company name and incorporation application. All these things come under this form and turn out to be a single step, making the registration process fast and smooth. Also, know that there will be no need to fill INC-22 form after this.


So above are some points you should know while registering a company. For online private limited company registration india, you can contact any company registration online. You can directly come in contact with their experts in case of any problem.