Why the Royal Bedroom is the saddest room in the palace

The Royal Bedroom is the saddest room in the palace. It is a beautiful room, perfectly decorated, but it sits all alone on the top floor of the building, next to an attic, and it has been left unused for years. This has always been the case—no one knows why the room has been forbidden to use, but everyone knows that if you go in there, you will be punished.

The Hard Evidence

The Palace’s royal bedroom has a tragic history. Once, not so long ago, it was inhabited by a beautiful princess who found herself alone and unloved after her father’s death. The King, who had once been so proud of his daughter now despised her for marrying someone he didn’t approve of. He would spend hours gazing at her from an open window as she walked around her garden, but never came to visit or call on her himself.

The Design

The royal bedrooms are often decorated with gold and white curtains, sumptuous rugs, and heavy furniture. They sometimes have a balcony where you can get some fresh air or look out over your kingdom. It would seem like a place of beauty and luxury.
But when you step into the royal bedroom, it feels smaller than other rooms in the castle because there are no windows to let in natural light. The rich colors feel stifling and claustrophobic.

The History

Born into royalty, a royal daughter may live a life of privilege, but she has no power. She is forced to marry against her will. Her husband may have multiple wives, and she can’t refuse him sex. If he has children with other women, she’s not allowed to raise them as her own. And when he dies – which can happen at any time – she must leave his house and give up all of her possessions.

The Stories

The royal bedroom is sad. I don’t know if it’s because of the way it feels to me, as a child, when I imagine what it would be like to be a princess and have everything my heart desired; or maybe because of how much people want to see what they’re not supposed to see. But either way, there’s something about the royal bedroom that makes you feel down just by looking at it. The curtains are always drawn and there are no windows.

A different perspective

There’s a reason why one of themost popular films of all time has been Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It’s because no matter what social class you’re from, everyone can relate to feeling like an outsider and wanting to find their place in this world. Belle feels like she doesn’t belong with her father or any of her contemporaries. She wants to explore, but she also wants to find someone who will love her for who she is.

Final Thoughts

The royal bedroom of a dejected royal daughter stands as the most desolate place in the entire palace. No one has touched it since her father’s death, and there are signs that she stopped sleeping altogether after he passed. The sheets are always made, but they never get washed or changed. The blankets are always neat, but they never get shaken out.