Why You Should Consider Wood Plank Flooring For Your Home

When it comes to interior decoration, wood plank flooring can add beauty, warmth, and character to any home. Most commonly made from hardwood trees like maple, oak, or ash, wood planks come in various styles and colors that make each room in the house unique and beautiful. With such a wide variety of options available today, it’s difficult to know what type of plank flooring would be best suited to your home and lifestyle. But don’t worry; this article will tell you everything you need to know about wood planks and the advantages they provide.

Choosing the right wood species

Wide planks are typically cut at 3 inches wide, but homeowners can also choose 10-20 inch planks and up to 16 feet long. This type of flooring is available in many different species and styles, so it’s important to research which type will best suit your home. If you want a rustic look that is laminatgolv breda plankor for both modern and traditional homes, consider oak or maple. If you want the natural beauty of unfinished wood flooring with a smooth feel, consider pine or beech wood. Some homeowners choose hardwood such as cherry for its durability and ability to stand up to foot traffic. Oak is often used because it’s a versatile tree that grows quickly and resists shrinking over time making it more affordable than some other types of wood.

Understanding different types of finishes

Wood floors have a variety of different finishes that are available, and we’ll take a look at the three most popular below.
Vinyl plank flooring is created by attaching thin vinyl planks to your home. Vinyl has a really smooth texture and it’s easier to maintain than natural wood. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs, so you can usually find one that fits your taste.

Who uses wooden flooring?

Installing wooden flooring, like our återvunnet trä plankor, is a popular way to update your home. Wooden floors are durable and environmentally friendly due to the renewable nature of their source material. The modern tongue-and-groove construction makes for easy installation in any shape room and laminate options provide color variety that won’t wear out or scratch. Other benefits of choosing wooden flooring are it can reduce the noise level, and thermal insulation qualities, and last for decades if cared for properly. And as an added bonus it’s easy to install yourself with videos from DIY sites like YouTube if you’re not sure where to start!

Is it right for your home?

Wood plank flooring is manufactured from timber and comes in various styles, colors, and species. On average, planks are cut at 3 inches wide, but this can be customized as some homeowners choose planks between 10-20 inches wide and up to 16 feet long. Luxury vinyl plank offers a similar look at a lower cost. Some people find the idea of wood frustrating to keep clean while others want that natural feel. It all comes down to your preference!

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