Summarizing an online document : is it possible ?

Summarizing a document can often be quite difficult and time-consuming, compared to sites offering to summarize your document online. And yes, this is the result of the evolution of technology and the internet. Is this option safe ? We will answer this question shortly.

Why summarizing a document takes a long time ?

Indeed, summarizing a document can take a lot of time, especially if the document in question has several pages. For this, it is necessary to focus first on the first and second reading, then you have to clear your head before writing the summarizer, so that the points of view, opinions and personal ideas are mentioned there. To be able to achieve a clear and simple summary, it is necessary to know how to identify the main ideas and the secondary ideas, this is not easy if the document does not contain enough logical connectors. After a first careful reading of your document, try to identify the vocabularies that may seem difficult, find the meanings of these words and deduce their synonyms and the words that can replace them without changing their meaning or the ideas they want to convey. You also need to have a concrete idea in terms of the document to be able to ensure your summarizer. All these explanations are to say that writing a document summarizer requires maximum attention and concentration from the reading phase, the comprehension phase and the writing phase.

How to summarize an online document ?

Currently, it is possible to summarize a text online. Several sites offer this service, but the best known are : Resoomer, SMMRY, Text Summarizer, Text Compactor and Summarize Bot. With the help of these sites, you can analyze your texts or web pages to extract the main idea and automatically create summarizers (usually by implementing algorithms based on artificial intelligence). Some of them can define the “degree” of the summarizer, mentioning the percentage of the original text or the number of sentences. In addition, these tools can also offer several advantages such as multilingualism. You can use these tools for free, but at some point you still need to purchase a subscription so that you don’t get disturbed in your work. To summarize a text or an online document, you only need a little time and you’re done. However, after summarizing your document online, proofread it for verification.

What are the contents of a summarizer ?

In general, the summarizer should not stand out from the text since it is a reduced version of the text. It should include an introduction that will present the author’s thesis or main idea. The summarizer will be presented in several paragraphs. Each paragraph corresponds to a main argument of the original text. It is necessary to respect the logical sequences of the arguments while taking into account the number of words. To support or illustrate an idea, authors may sometimes use specific examples, quote figures or tell anecdotes. These elements can be excluded from the summary because they do not add anything new. On the other hand, if an example contains an important new idea, it should be considered in the summary. Pay attention to spelling and grammatical errors. Avoid repeating quotes mentioned by the author in the original text, paraphrases are also to be avoided. On the other hand, do not forget to rephrase all the main ideas of the text as well as the arguments. It should be noted that in the summarizer, the personal pronouns and verb tenses used by the author must be retained. If the text is in the first person, the summarizer can be in the first person or in the third person. If the author uses past, present, future, conditional, etc. these times will be retained.