Home tutors in Dubai 

An average home tutor in Dubai charges between 180 AED – 250 AED per hour, which is equivalent or more expensive than what education centers charge for the same service.  So if you think that home tutoring is a cost-effective option, you better think again. 

Benefits of home tutors in Dubai 

One on One Individual Attention

The topmost benefit of Home tutor in Dubai is that of achieving one on One individual attention which classrooms-oriented style of education is not just equipped to do so. Classrooms are crowded; teachers and educationist often generalize teaching methodologies and there are good chances that the child may not fully realize their talents and aptitudes


Tutors are not just there to make money but rather they provide a comfortable environment in which children can freely communicate including about any learning difficulties etc. Often they inspire children in ways that are out of box. 

Study Partner

Boredom and fatigue may take over when studying alone. This can have significant negative impact both mentally as well as physically. But when we are along a study partner, we can study night long without getting frustrated.  

Extra Skills and Knowledge

Tutors are equipped with a lifelong of experience – not just teaching experience but personal experience as well. They are readily equipped with nuance tricks and mantras that they inherited from their elders and mentors.

Confidence and Self-assurance

One cannot simply overlook a bright and confident kid. Teachers and school faculty are more than happy to give such kids good opportunities and platforms to showcase their abilities and talents. This means that with the help of tutoring, your kid will shine bright in school.  Home tutor in Dubai will give him the confidence and self-assurance which will help him land on good opportunities and platforms.


Home a tutor in Dubai is advisable but not necessary, it may be that the child is able to cope up with education and exam pressure and also he/she has a supportive parents and elders. However, it is the need of the hour to make things easy for your child.