Guidelines in Combining Typefaces for Your Marketing Materials

Picking the right fonts to use for your marketing project can be very difficult. Choosing the right fonts will not only make your branding good-looking and consistent but your choice can strengthen your brand image as well. These are some of the rules to remember in choosing the right fonts:

Understand context

It’s easier to know which font to choose if you know where to plan your next design. Context will dictate whether you need to choose a font that stands out or a font that requires you to be minimalist in approach. If your design is sporting a retro theme, choose fonts that reflects the vibe of that chosen era.  

Establish Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy refers to how you want the viewers to look at your design. Ideally, you want the viewers of your design to look at the most essential first. The most essential is usually the largest in the design. This is often present in print media like newspapers and magazines. Fonts are combined in newspapers and magazines in such a way that the headlines, subheadlines, and the body can be instantly recognized by the reader.

Serifs and Sans Serifs for Quick Design

When in need of a quick font pairing, you can’t go wrong with pairing serif and sans serif fonts. These fonts work best at contrasting sizes. However, both are in question as far as readability goes. Serif fonts are considered by design experts to be great with large amounts of text especially in print. Sans serif fonts are ideal for online texts for the font displays clearly at various screen resolutions.

Create Contrast

With the aforementioned pairing of serif and sans serif fonts, creating contrast brings out the complementary nature of fonts. Manipulating the fonts’ style, weight, color, size, and spacing can help in achieving contrast.

Don’t Pair Very Similar Fonts

Establishing hierarchy can be very difficult if fonts are very similar. It’s also very difficult to create contrast with very similar fonts. Looking at your design from afar can help in judging if the fonts used look similar or lack contrast.

Limit the Number of Fonts Used

The common rule for the number of fonts for a design is to use a maximum of three fonts. However, there will be designs that will require more. Make sure that the fonts to be chosen will not make the design look cluttered but instead harmonious.