Clickoot Launches Online Retail Delivery System in Pakistan

Clickoot is an online retail delivery system company in Pakistan with a logistical network covering 60% of the country. It aims to offer Amazon-style next-day delivery to its customers. It uses a q-commerce solution called Hypr to manage and process orders. This means that orders are dispatched to agents based on their location and the time it takes to deliver them.

XStak’s q-commerce solution (Hypr) is an online retail delivery system

XStak’s e-commerce solution is the perfect solution for small to mid-size retailers in Pakistan. It provides real-time visibility into operations and payment security. It also offers a simple, intuitive user interface. It is widely used in the country’s e-grocery market and has helped a number of e-grocers expand their online operations.

E-Commerce is an online retail delivery system based on a single platform that allows customers to purchase food and other products in seconds. Unlike traditional retail stores, q-commerce businesses operate directly on the internet and offer localized services. Inspired by the food delivery industry, they generally deliver products within an hour of ordering. They operate through online ordering systems, local warehouses, and delivery riders on bicycles.

The retail delivery system in Pakistan has come a long way since the early days of e-commerce in Pakistan. Its name refers to its rapid delivery capabilities. Most e-commerce businesses that use q-commerce technology focus on local grocery orders. By integrating last-mile delivery technologies, Q-commerce is quickly becoming an increasingly popular choice for small-town retailers.

While the speed of q-commerce is important, inventory management is critical in both e-commerce and q-commerce. In a traditional e-commerce model, orders typically take two business days to be delivered. Q-commerce, on the other hand, promises to deliver orders within one hour and is free. In addition, it provides the ability to track orders from order to delivery.

Retail delivery in Pakistan model bypasses many steps of the warehouse process. Instead of receiving the order, an online merchant sends a request to a physical store-turned-warehouse that has real-time inventory. The courier then goes to the store to deliver the item.

The rapid growth of Q-commerce has given e-commerce companies a major opportunity for growth. It allows retailers to offer next-day delivery to busy consumers. Q-commerce also gives retailers the opportunity to deliver their products within minutes, a crucial aspect of last-mile delivery.

Clickoot’s aim is to provide the best software services

The startup has raised 85 million in Series B funding and currently operates in eight cities in Pakistan. It plans to expand internationally in the future. Its founders include Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and former Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann.

The company is working on building a decentralized transportation network and hopes to make delivery in Pakistan as easy as possible. Its main goal is to bring Amazon-style next-day delivery service to the country. The startup aims to offer a low-cost, convenient, and reliable service.

The company is headquartered in Karachi and has offices in three cities in Pakistan. It uses motorbikes instead of cars to deliver products and is eco-friendly. It can also navigate narrow alleys more quickly than a car. The company uses 16 delivery hubs across Pakistan and works with merchants to provide their products. The software then picks them up from the merchants, places them in bags, and assigns them to delivery agents.


If you’re a small retailer in Pakistan, you’ve probably wondered how you can use software to manage your supply chain. Luckily, there’s an app that can help. Dastgyr is a B2B marketplace that connects retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers with one another. This app can help you deliver your products faster, easier, and with more accuracy.

We create a retail delivery system in Pakistan in partnership with Next-Gen Retailers in Pakistan by offering a self-service system that helps retailers manage orders from online order placement to delivery. This service is sold on a usage-based pricing model and is highly customizable and easy to deploy. It includes real-time tracking, buyer scheduling, and order review. Founded by former UPS Pakistan executives, the company has doubled its customer base in two years and delivered more than three million parcels.

Rider’s technology stack includes live tracking, route optimization software, and automated warehousing. These features help them improve internal processes and build real-time connectivity with shippers. The system aims to become the one-stop shop for retailers in Pakistan. Its founder Salman Allana, a former UPS Pakistan executive, claims that his system now serves 60 percent of the e-commerce market in the country.

We create a retail delivery management system in partnership with a local software developer to make omnichannel retailing easy and seamless. It helps retailers grow their customer base and improve their profits. The system also helps retailers track staff productivity and provides analytics on high-demand products. Retailers in Pakistan must have a strong omnichannel retail operating system in place to stay competitive.