A Complete Guide To Cleaning & Maintaining Curtains

Curtains are the most versatile decorative accessory that can transform the whole appeal of a place and make it look stunning. If you are going to purchase custom made curtains, look for the color and textile of the fabric. When it comes to the materials of the curtains, there are limitless choices and styles for the curtains to choose from.

Curtains are a timeless way to add elegance and change the feel of a room. Whether you installed the curtains indoors or outdoors in your residential areas, they experience daily dirt as they are exposed to dust. If you want to protect your curtains from wear and tear and want to give them a fresh look, you can keep reading this article till the very end.

Cleaning Of Curtains Based On The Type Of Textile Material

Curtains are the perfect window dressing treatment that can escalate the beauty of a place and bring an instant but impressive change to your home. You may be wondering how to care for and maintain your curtains now that you’ve chosen them for home decoration. Here, in this article, you’ll explore the ways to keep your curtains clean according to the type of fabric.

  • Velvet Curtains

The cleaning method for curtains may vary with the change of fabric material because they are manufactured with different fibers and the quality of these curtains is distinct from one another. As far as the maintenance and cleaning of velvet curtains are concerned, they are made from heavy-weight fabrics like rayon, polyester, brocade, and silk. These curtains can be dry cleaned or washed at home.

  • Lace Curtains

These curtains need more care and attention because they are delicate. If you use rough means to wash these curtains, they may snag or begin to wear. It is better to wash these curtains with your hands. You should use cold water and mild detergent to eliminate the loose dust particles from the curtains. You cannot use the dryer to wash these curtains.

  • Fabric Curtains

Curtains that are made from cotton and other fabrics like these can be washed at home easily. Some cotton curtains don’t have a lining underneath, so it is advised to wash these curtains in the washing machine on a spin cycle. Use cold water to wash these curtains, and you can also use the dryer to dry them, but make sure to keep the heat low.

Some Easy Ways To Clean & Maintain The Curtains Effectively

Curtains require cleanliness and proper maintenance. You can keep the look of your curtains fresh and renewed all year round by using these methods.

1. Dust Off The Dirt Regularly

The easiest task to do for the cleanliness of curtains is to dust off the dirt from the curtain along with the regular dusting of furniture elements. Dusting off the curtain regularly will keep your curtains looking fresh all the time and help you with the dust not penetrating the fabric of the curtain.

2. Spot Cleaning Of Curtains

To get rid of stubborn stains without taking off the curtains from the panels, you can spot-clean the curtains. For spot cleaning, you’ll need to blot away the stains immediately using paper or a tissue. Wet wipes are also helpful for the effective cleaning of stains from the curtains.

3. Weekly Curtains Maintenance

To retain the look and appeal of the curtains, they need to be maintained regularly or after a week. Maintaining your curtains on a weekly basis is not much more difficult as all you need to do is give them a proper shake to eliminate the accumulated dust.

A lint roller or a quality duster can help you with the proper dusting, and you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean and suck the dust particles from the curtains.

4. Monthly Maintenance Of Curtains

Since people don’t wash their curtains often, curtains start to lose their fresh appearance. To dislodge the collected dust and debris from the curtains, you’ll need to take off the curtains from the panel and give them a good shake until the accumulated dust gets off the curtains.

You can also use the brush attachment at a low setting on a vacuum and clean the curtains from top to bottom. However, this technique cannot be used on the fabric of the curtains that snag easily.

5. Steam Clean Your Curtains

The last step in this guide is to dry and steam clean the curtains. Although, it is the least used method to clean the curtains because of the fabric of the larger curtains, which have heavy fabric and can’t be washed in the machine.

You can use a handheld steamer to clean these curtains, but make sure you are safe while holding a steamer. Examine the curtains for any stains and remove them if there are any. You are aware that you cannot iron every fabric. However, make sure to remove the wrinkles from the curtains before installing them again over the panel.

To Wrap Up!

Curtains are the most fascinating feature in the ornamentation of any place. Besides serving as the focal point of the room, curtains attract a lot of dust. You can either steam clean or dry clean your curtains to remove the dust and dirt particles. Curtains require weekly or monthly cleaning to sustain their fresh look. 

However, for a renewed look, you can dust off the dirt from your curtains regularly. When cleaning curtains, make sure to read the instructions or precautions mentioned on the label of the curtains.