A Complete Guide to Burj Al Arab Tour in Dubai

Burj Al Arab is the most famous and tallest building in Dubai. It has become popular with those fascinated by this world famous hotel. In this tour the instructors will take the guests on an exclusive journey of discovery. This tour provides a wide variety of experiences and adventurous activities. If you ever visit Dubai you should tour the Burj Al Arab. It is considered to be the beauty of Dubai city and true representation of famous rulers of Dubai.

Burj Al Arab provides royal welcome:

During your Burj Al Arab Tour in Dubai, you will enjoy glimpse of all the hotels and restaurant starting from buggy ride to the entrance of the Jumeirah beach hotel. After reaching the private entrance you will be greeted with the rose water and cold towels.

Discover the true meaning of luxury:

Through the glass elevators you will enter the royal suits. An instructor will greet you and he will guide you about the apartments where the royalty and celebrities from around the world come and stay here.  A butler is always with you to guide you about the inside structures of the hotel. Butler guides you about all the suit facilities. Some important places include majlis style sitting rooms and library styled offices which can be changed into a bed room upon the request of the visitors. You can see the best sea view through the windows situated in each apartment.

Visit the turtle conservatory:

One of the most famous and interesting things inside the Burj Al Arab is the Turtle conservatory. It also has a unique aquarium which has a lot of different kinds of fish. It also has an outfit room for the visitors’ shows by the service employees.

Bring home a bit of the prestige gifts:

During the Burj Al Arab tour in Dubai, visitors are taken to the Burj Al Arab special gift shop which provides unique and exclusive things from the hotel’s scented soaps to expensive stones.

Delicious meal:

At this adventurous tour, you can enjoy delectable meals or beverages to round up their unique experience. You can order a variety of delicious foods. Tourists can also book a table at UMA; it is the superior outdoor lounge situated in the spectacular atrium of the hotel. 

Kids club:

Along with the entertainment of elders during the tour, there is an option of a kids club if you bring your children with you. It provides a lot of fun and entertainment to the kids. In the kids club, trainer caretakers are always available who take care of your children and allow you to enjoy the Burj Al Arab tour in Dubai without any disturbance.

Tours timings:

You can book your tickets for the Burj Al Arab tour at four different times of the day. It provides four types of tours: a morning tour, a day tour, a sunset tour and an evening tour. Different timings of the tour have different ticket prices. You can choose the time of tour according to your needs and requirements which will be comfortable for you. If you bring your children with you it will be charged .

Some other important information about the tour:

  • You should arrive at the Burj Al Arab a few minutes before the ticket timing. It will be very helpful to get the complete guideline about the tour from the instructors. You should bring your valid ID for the clearance to the Burj Al Arab tour in Dubai.
  • If you want to reschedule your tour due to some reason you can rearrange your tour timing but you can reschedule it 48 hours before the scheduled tour.
  • If you arrive late after the timing of your tour, the instructor will manage and reschedule your tour at any other timing depending upon the availability. It may sustain extra charges. 
  • Photography and professional cameras are not allowed so you should not bring these items with you.
  • You must wear a mask during the complete tour because the whole world recently suffered from the horrific viral disease coronavirus.
  • If you have booked an onward dining experience you should check the dress code instructions.