Everything You Need To Know About Ionithermie For Cellulite Treatment

Are you curious about the efficacy of Ionithermie cellulite reduction treatment? Read on for the facts about this treatment before committing to its use.

The prevalence of cellulite has worsened in recent years due to rising obesity and decreased physical activities due to modern conveniences. Studies estimate a prevalence of cellulite in over 80% of post-pubertal females. Recently, there has been a surge in demand for effective treatments due to the aforementioned trends. In this article, we discuss one particular method for combating cellulite that has been around for a long time but recently gained traction.

What is Ionithermie Cellulite treatment?

The Ionithermie Cellulite Treatment utilises a cosmetic appliance that, according to the manufacturer, can reduce your waist size by up to 20 centimetres after just one session. This procedure can reduce the number of fatty tissues in the body and, in turn, the treated body area. Softer skin, better skin tone, and a reduced appearance of cellulite are all benefits that have been attested to.

Eliminating cellulite is the primary goal of the specialised Ionithermie therapy. The treatment purportedly reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves the patient’s health, and causes weight loss.

The treatment surface is covered in micronized algae and conductive thermal aroma clay before being coated in plastic and affixed with electrodes. While 30 minutes is the standard for most treatments given in spas and salons, that time can increase or decrease based on the size of the designated treatment area.

Claims on the efficacy of Ionithermie Treatment purport that a person can reduce cellulite simply by helping the body eliminate toxins and lose weight. Reviews have consistently stated that the therapy causes slight discomfort.

A brief background 

The Ionithermie Company, Inc. produces the cosmeceutical cellulite treatment. It was created in France in 1979 by Olivier Fouche. The optimal formulation of this product’s constituents was discovered after seven years of study and experimentation. Many retail outlets across the world stock ionithermie machines.

Side effects and precautions of Ionithermie treatment?

Mild redness or discomfort are possible side effects of Ionithermie treatment for cellulite reduction. Reported adverse reactions to the medication are very few. Most of the iodine used in the medicine comes from algae, so it is not recommended for people with iodine allergies.

Are the components of Ionithermie safe and effective for treating cellulite?

This method of treating cellulite was shown to be beneficial in a 2006 study conducted in the United States. Its components include:

  • Guarana- The caffeine levels in Guarana are higher than in coffee beans, per WebMD. The result is a more significant boost in energy. It is a natural stimulant that also aids in speedier muscle recovery.
  • Algae- Microalgae can bind minerals that provide rapid hydration to the skin. As it is rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, and many critical vitamins, the International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering, and Technology (IJIRSET) claims algae also helps tone the skin and delays aging.
  • Vitamins A, B, E, and F– There is evidence that consuming these vitamins will lessen the visibility of cellulite. There is a correlation between the presence of vitamin A and increased collagen production. While vitamin B6 is involved in the breakdown of lipids and proteins, vitamin B2 is involved in eliminating waste products from cells. One can utilize the anti-oxidant characteristics of vitamin E to assist in the removal of cellulite-causing fat deposits. 
  • Amino Acids- Stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin. According to ScienceDirect, they can also repair damaged DNA.
  • Pure Herbs and Oils -These aid in maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance, supple texture, and ample moisture levels. They improve circulation, activate the lymphatic system, help eliminate waste products, and support the reduction of fluid retention.


In conclusion, if you are worried about cellulite you can consider Ionithermie cellulite-reducing treatment. Reducing the appearance of cellulite can be accomplished in several ways, two of the most successful and cost-effective of which are targeted exercise and dietary restriction. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle incorporating diet and exercise is essential to sustain the benefits of this treatment.