Easy Hacks: you should also take care of the sewing machine, it will never be bad

Often many women feel very much like sewing clothes at home. To fulfill this hobby, many women keep sewing machines at home. Whenever they get time, women sit to sew clothes. Due to being a new machine, the machine works properly for a few days, but after some time there is a small problem in the sewing machine, leaving the machine as it is.

If the machine is not taken care of in time, then it gets damaged very quickly. The sewing machine does not work properly even if the small equipment present in the machine is not cleaned. In such a situation, if some basic things are taken care of, then you can prevent the machine from malfunctioning. Today in this article we are going to share some tips with you, by adopting which you can save the sewing machine from malfunctioning or not working.

Do Regular Greasing

A sewing machine is such a thing that if it is not greased on a regular basis, there is a risk of damage immediately. For this, in the places where there is a place for oil or greasing, you must do oil or greasing at regular time and before use. Due to this the machine works smoothly and smoothly. Sometimes the thread gets stuck in the machine due to not adding oil and the stitching is also not done properly. So be sure to take note of it.

Don’t Put oil on These Items

There are also many places in the machine where oil is not needed. Sometimes due to lack of knowledge, women start pouring oil at these places also. Needles, shuttle points, bobbins, threading discs and rubber rings are other places you should avoid oiling or greasing. After pouring the oil, once you run the machine on the old cloth, make sure that the machine is working properly or not.

When Machines Run Heavy

Sometimes the sewing machine runs heavy if the machine is not taken care of properly. It seems that force has to be exerted to operate the machine. In such a situation, loosen both the screws of the shuttle case and take it out and then try it once on an old cloth. Take out the shuttle case and clean it once. In the meantime, check the injector screw thoroughly to see if the needle is twisted, and whether the thread is properly stuck inside the needle. There are many sewing machines, such as industrial sewing machine, electronic sewing machine. which are operated with the help of feet, and there are many machines which run on electricity. However, the care of both is equal. But, machines powered by electricity are a bit different. To maintain the electronic sewing machine, you have been regularly cleaning the needle, shuttle point, bobbin, threading disc and rubber ring etc.