Benefits of Stone Ground Chana Dal

In India, stone ground chana dal, a popular legume, is used in various dishes. It may have some great health benefits. Here are several examples:

Nmami Agarwal, a nutritionist, recently produced a video on her Instagram page describing the benefits of eating chana dal and how to include the healthy bean into your diet. Chana dal has several health benefits, but its high protein level makes it especially important for vegetarians and vegans who avoid animal intake. B-complex vitamins, which are plentiful in chana dal, are necessary for your body to be active and invigorated, and they also play an important role in glucose metabolism. Furthermore, since it is strong in antioxidants and reduces inflammation, it is essential for heart health.

Discover the health benefits of chana dal.

The consumption of stone ground chana dal not only aids people with diabetes in their weight loss efforts and makes it possible for them to get a sufficient amount of essential nutrients, but it also encourages the release of glucose into circulation and maintains a healthy level of sugar in the blood. Chana dal regulates blood sugar levels.

Are you afraid about the harm that will be done to your hair or the significant loss of hair that will occur? The folic acid included in chana dal helps to prevent hair loss by strengthening and feeding the roots of your hair. Folic acid is found in abundance in chana dal. Folic acid may be found in very high concentrations in chana dal.

Nmami Agarwal claims that chana dal has between 6 and 7 grams of protein for every 30 grams, which is equal to two teaspoons. In order to fortify your immune system and protect your body from sickness, it is essential that you include this grain in your diet on a regular basis.

Strategies for incorporating chana dal into your diet


Stone ground chana dal is used in the preparation of this healthful and healthy breakfast alternative. After soaking the grain in water for the night, combine it with the other ingredients you’ve chosen to form a thick batter for pancakes.


Hummus is a diverse snack that is also quick and easy to make. Because it is prepared with chana dal, it enhances your daily protein and fiber intake. This low-calorie treatment aids with weight loss.


If you’re searching for something hearty to eat in the evening, give chana dal soup a go. Despite how light it is, it will fill you up quite quickly. One other helpful piece of advice is to ensure that you get enough protein in your diet.


We would appreciate it if you could pass the paneer and egg bhurji. The amount of protein found in chana dal bhurji made with soya granules and capsicum is comparable to the amount of protein found in eggs or paneer. It contains fewer calories and less fat than paneer and eggs together. You may serve this bhurji as a sandwich, or you can wrap it up in a roti or paratha to make a roll.

You can maintain your fitness and your health by using this Indian superfood, stone ground chana dal, in your diet.