Hacks for Pizza That Will Transform Your Life into Something Better

Unquestionably, perhaps the most magnificent dishes ever created. Nothing is, in all honesty, better than a hot, cheesy, greasy slice of best pizza Hamilton. Whether it is ordered from Twice the Deal Hamilton for movie night or reheated for breakfast, it always tastes amazing. These techniques below will ensure that pizza remains your soul partner no matter what.

Reheat Pizza While Maintaining its Crisp Crust

Nothing is more disheartening than expecting leftover pizza and finding it to be a soggy, unattractive disappointment after being warmed. The good news is that there’s a quick method to ensure that your leftover pizza is still hot and crispy. You only need to add a glass of water while reheating pizza in the microwave to create a toasted crust. Thank God again for the genius that stumbled upon this trick.

Heal a Pizza Tongue Burn

Do you frequently experience the issue of biting into hot pizza? Do not worry, we all become a bit impatient waiting for a mouth-watering slice of pizza to cool down. However, you should know that all it takes to stop the burning is to place some sugar in your mouth and brush it against the inside of your mouth. After that, feel free to keep devouring that sizzling pizza.

Make a Pizza Waffle

You will not believe you have not thought of this hack before because it is so straightforward. Simply fold any remaining pizza slice in half and place it in a waffle iron. The ultimate breakfast and dinner fusion dish may be made by getting it nice and toasted and oozing with cheese. You will never ever have to have breakfast again consisting of cold leftover pizza.

Make Brick Oven Pizza at Home in Oven

For just around $3, you can make a homemade pizza stone at home, giving your homemade pizza a fantastic crust. With the help of pizza stones, the heat in your oven will be distributed more evenly. This would give the surface of your pizza a beautiful golden-brown color as well as crisp up the bottom. Although you cannot heat your oven to 500 degrees, it’s the cheapest way to obtain a brick-oven pizza in an oven. And the most important thing is that it still tastes fantastic.

Combine Mozzarella Sticks and Pizza

With this trick, you can create a main dish and a great appetiser all in one. Pizza slices of any kind can be rolled around mozzarella sticks. Serve with pizza sauce after five to six minutes of baking at 350 degrees, or after the mozzarella has melted. With the help of this recipe, try producing your homemade pizza sauce much like the boss you are.

Make Plates out of Pizza Boxes

We have all had that horrible experience where the pizza you ordered takes what seems like forever to arrive. And, then you realise you do not have any plates. Oops. But do not worry, in just a few easy steps, a pizza box can be transformed into plates. Using what you have instead of wasting paper plates will also help the environment. While you are enjoying that pizza, do not hesitate to give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back.

Try Pizza with Grilled Cheese

By converting your pizza pieces into grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, you can double your carb intake. Like you would a standard grilled cheese, place two slices of pizza on top of one another, cheese touching cheese. Save the crusts or remove them and consume them first. Since we don’t believe in excessive cheese, you can add another layer between the slices to help them adhere together.

Keep Your Take Away Pizza Order Hot

There is a trick that can keep your pizza warm and prevent you from receiving a possible speeding penalty. Simply put the pizza on the passenger seat, secure it with a seatbelt, and switch on the seat warmer. If you do not have a seat warmer, keep driving quickly and kindly avoid receiving a speeding ticket.

Top your French Fries with Pizza

Finally, a dish that combines your three favourite foods—pizza, fries, and cheese—has been discovered. Simply slice your pizzas into strips, spread them on a pan, and top them with however much cheese you like. Bake the strips until they are crisp. For the utmost delight, dip in marinara sauce; alternatively, try ranch. Try it before you judge it.

Make Pizza Lasagna

This variation looks more like a pizza cake than a lasagna. Although, you can give it whatever name you want. This will result in multiple layers of pizza. A mound of pizza, covered in extra sauce and cheese, making a regular slice of pizza seem nothing in comparison. It also enables you to layer additional toppings without incurring additional fees at the pizza shop.


Are you tired of eating pizza in the same old way? Then make sure to read this article because it contains pizza variations as well as hacks that you can try.