Gojek Clone App: 5 Steps to Setup an On-Demand Business

Want to learn to set up a Gojek Clone app in the shortest time possible? You have come to the right place, dear entrepreneurs! The Gojek-like multi-service app is a platform where you can offer several services like on-demand taxis, food delivery, online video consultation, and more. 

Launching such a wide range of services enables entrepreneurs to take advantage of earning income from not one but multiple genres. In simpler terms, the entrepreneurs can see the money incoming from 82+ sources! Well, considering that you can earn a humongous amount of profits with this app, let’s learn how to build it. 

app like gojek clone

Prerequisites for Gojek Clone App Development 

Before starting the app development process, there are some key points to note. Go through the following list to know more about them. 

Find the right platform for app development 

Before entering the on-demand multi-service app platform, you must choose the right tools and concepts. User input must be quick with minimum lag. A robust programming language also plays a significant role. 

Therefore, choose the right technology stack and other elements including effective digital marketing techniques, market research, etc. with the blink of an eye, you will have a market-ready Gojek Clone app! 

Mobile app development assistance 

A white-labeling firm specializing in developing and launching pre-built apps like Gojek Clone. A professional and well-established white-labeling firm will build a perfect app for you. However, to pick the right solution for the business, make sure: 

  • The firm has 10+ years of industry experience 
  • They have launched 1200+ apps
  • The firm has several video testimonials of its clients on the website 
  • They provide free demo app trials 
  • Follow a strict NDA policy 

Set Up an On-Demand Business With Gojek Clone App

Setting up an on-demand business doesn’t take all your fortune or time. In today’s era, there are ready-made apps available in the market that are completely white-labeled by professionals. 

Proper white labeling ensures that no one will ever come to know that a pre-built base code has been used for the app development. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some simple steps to develop the on-demand multi-service app. 

1. Try the demo app for a considerable time 

Trying the demo app for an elaborate time and with patience provides a boatload of insights. The insights are related to customization requirements, app quality, integration of services or features, and whether the platform is worth investing in or not. 

Take your time to figure out if you are satisfied with the pre-built on-demand app solution or not! 

2. Project requirement discussion 

Discuss your app development requirements with the Project Manager. The Manager is responsible for conveying what the entrepreneur needs and wants directly to the app development team. Moreover, they also prepare the Scope Document. 

The Scope Document contains every detail about the Gojek Clone app deliverables and the cost of the package. After receiving the Scope Document, entrepreneurs can make the right purchase decision.  

3. App development begins 

The Scope Document gives entrepreneurs in-depth details of the product price and scope. Thereupon, they can choose to make the payment in full or in parts, depending on their financial arrangements. 

Now, as soon as the entrepreneur purchases the package, the app development team will start working on the project. After completing the development and quality tests of the app, the final product is uploaded to the firm’s development server. 

4. The app is ready for review 

The entrepreneur can access the app on the firm’s development server and do an in-depth review. If they find a few discrepancies during the review process, the entrepreneur can ask the team to make the rectifications. 

Once the Gojek Clone app is complete, the entrepreneur can show the okay sign to the app development team. 

5. Ready to launch the app?

At this stage, the app is ready for launch. The team will submit the apps to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After approval from the App Stores, it will be available for download! 

multi-service app

In conclusion: 

Now that you know how to launch the app, waste no time! Purchase the Gojek Clone app and start the development process ASAP. 

The best part is – you can launch the app in less than 1 to 2 weeks! In other words, you can become an entrepreneur with a well-established on-demand business in the shortest time. 

So, get started today!