Electric Scooters Are a Great Way to Get Around Town on Two Wheels

Electric scooters are a great way to get around town on two wheels. Most electric scooters come with motors ranging from 250 to 350 watts, which is more than enough for city commuting. Of course, heavier riders may want to choose a larger motor for more power. Electric scooters also usually have rubber tires, which makes them very durable. The most common type of tire on an electric scooter is solid rubber, which will last the longest and absorb less shock than tubeless tires.


One of the most important metrics for ELECTRIC SCOOTERS is their power. While the average scooter’s power is between 30 and 50 kilowatts, some brands have higher power levels than others. Listed below are the basic factors that affect the power of electric scooters. You should first understand what “peak power” means. This metric describes the amount of energy stored in the motor’s battery.

The battery’s energy capacity determines how fast the scooter can accelerate. However, a battery that has a low energy density can slow down a vehicle. As a result, the performance of an electric scooter is much slower than that of a battery-powered vehicle.


There are many concerns about the safety of electric scooters. While the electric scooter industry claims that it has taken safety measures to combat the issue, accidents are still a concern. Currently, only 1% of consumers plan to buy an e-scooter within the next six months. Another 5% are not convinced that their local area has the infrastructure needed to support e-scooters. Lastly, 7% do not have the funds needed to buy one.

In December, the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a study on electric scooter safety. The study found that nearly one-third of the serious injuries related to these scooters were caused by head injuries. The study examined 249 people who visited an emergency room after being involved in an electric scooter incident. Two of these patients needed intensive care.

Pneumatic vs airless tyres

If you’re considering purchasing an electric scooter, you might wonder which tyres are best. There are some advantages to each type. Pneumatic tyres are made of reinforced rubber, and they are filled with compressed air. They come in two varieties: tubed and tubeless.

In general, pneumatic tyres provide a smoother ride and are better for riding on uneven surfaces. However, they are prone to flats and popping, and deflating them beyond the recommended pressure can impact overall performance. Therefore, they require more maintenance than airless tyres.

Electric scooters can have air-filled or airless tyres. Although the latter is more likely to get flat, air-filled tyres have the advantage of being more shock-absorbing than airless tyres. While solid tires are better for paved roads, they also cause more traction issues, and may be less comfortable than air-filled ones.

Bluetooth tracker

A Bluetooth tracker for electric scooters is an electronic device that gives you real-time access to the location of your scooter. The tracker can send SMS updates to you and be tracked via Google Maps. It can be easily mounted on your scooter using strong magnets. The unit is also waterproof and IP58-rated. This device will help you prevent scooter theft by providing the location of your scooter.

In June, an update to Apple AirTags brought anti-stalking security to the device. It also helped a New York man recover his stolen electric scooter. Guido posted a series of tweets about the incident, documenting his entire journey.