The Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Yacht-Master are arguably two of the most recognisable timepieces in the illustrious Rolex collection. Both of these watches have made history for watch enthusiasts, despite one being approximately 40 years older than the other.

Which of these watches is the finest to choose, though, if you’re wanting to buy one? In actuality, you really can’t go wrong with either watch, but there are some noteworthy variations that can influence your decision. Here is a summary of the main characteristics, distinctions, and advantages of two watch industry heavyweights to assist you in selecting your ideal timepiece.

The Rolex Submariner’s past:

In 1953, the Rolex Submariner was introduced as the diver’s timepiece. Being water resistant up to 100 metres made it the first watch on the market. The watch’s water resistance and revolving bezel, which allows divers to keep track of how long they’ve been below, make it ideal for divers. Additionally, the watch incorporates illuminating elements that make it easier to read when scuba diving in the murkiest of waters.

Despite being the first watch to offer 100m water resistance, the Rolex Submariner wasn’t considered the first dive watch. Diver watches included Omega Marine and a number of Navy and Special Forces timepieces. That being said, Rolex spent time developing the ideal dive watch, and through variations from 1953 to 2020, the watch has earned a reputation as an evolving item that keeps divers at the forefront of its design.

The Rolex Yacht Master:

Despite producing two very different watches, the Rolex Yacht-history Master’s really builds upon the Rolex Submariner’s. In 1992, the Rolex Yacht-Master was introduced. In 28 years, Rolex had not unveiled a new model before.

However, according to Rolex lore, the designers weren’t attempting to create a new model. Rolex desired a dramatic redesign of the Rolex Submariner. Although the designs were well received, they were too dissimilar from the Submariner aesthetic. It was anticipated that enthusiasts of the Submariner would not like the design’s drastic alteration.

Thus, the Rolex Yacht-Master, a brand-new model, was created using these ideas.

What Sets The Rolex Yacht-Master Apart From The Submariner?

The Yacht-Master and Submariner differ in a number of ways, including:

Water Resistance: The Submariner has a 100m water resistance when it was first released. The Triplock, a triple-waterproof security system with three sealed regions on the watch, allows for generations of this watch to have water resistance up to 300m.

The Yacht-Master, in contrast, provides 100 metres of water resistance.

Size: The Submariner’s sleek 40mm case is the perfect size for readability without making a big impression. But the Rolex Yacht-Master is more specialised. Case sizes for the Yacht-Master are 37mm, 40mm, and 42mm. The 37mm was made with ladies in mind. Nevertheless, based on personal desire, the range of sizes can fit trends for a more understated or tough timepiece.

The Yacht-Master provides a variety of case materials, including stainless steel, everose, rolesor (a combination of steel and gold), and roselium (a combination of stainless steel and platinum). The Submariner, on the other hand, has a stainless steel case.

The unidirectional Submariner bezel helps divers better keep track of their dive times. Instead, the Yacht-Master provides a bezel that rotates in both directions.

Cost: When purchased brand-new, a Yacht-Master is a more expensive option than a Submariner. Both watches maintain their worth over the long term, though. In the used market, submarines typically have a higher value, though this can change according on supply, demand, and trends.

Which Rolex Should You Buy?

The Rolex Submariner is a legendary and highly coveted watch that even James Bond used as his go-to device. However, compared to the more laid-back appearance of the Rolex Submariner, the Rolex Yacht-Master offers a more robust and sportier appeal.

The distinction between a Submariner and a Yacht-Master can be a matter of personal preference because both watches are available in 18k white gold, yellow gold, stainless steel, as well as a variety of various coloured faces and bezels.

Susannah Lovis can assist you if you’re having trouble deciding between a Rolex Submariner or Yacht-Master. Visit us in the Burlington Arcade or browse our Rolex selections online. We encourage you to get in touch with our staff if you are seeking for a certain watch since we will do everything in our power to locate you the perfect Rolex.

By Williumson

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