Apple launches high-power durable machines all year round, and its users love to drain and destroy those devices! Liquid damage is the most unfortunate mishap to MacBooks and iPads as it creates unpredictability whether the device will work perfectly as before or not. From a hundred mythical tricks for liquid-damaged iPhones and laptops, here are authentic details for water-damaged MacBooks:

Turn it off!

Spilling juice, water, coffee, or any such beverage on the iMac can cause short-circuiting within minutes. It is better to immediately plug off the charger and shut down the device. 99% of the working systems will shut down, and the water will slowly spread inside. Wipe the keyboard, display, and ports with a microfiber cloth and shut the lid down. It is best to wait for 48 hours before turning it back on.

The Dos of Water Damage

After plugging it and shutting it off, remove Mac’s battery and wipe clean the water from the visible hardware without opening it yet. Once the outside is dry, open the MacBook carefully, remembering all the screws taken out. Air dry the motherboards and wet circuits or wherever the water has reached. Leave the MacBook open for a while in a dry place.

Close the MacBook and turn it on after a couple of days to check if it is working all right. In case the Mac turns off during use, sparks up, freezes, or hangs up, it needs serious Mac repair. Some of the computer repairers online, such as experts, suggest SSD replacement if it gets oxidized.

The Don’ts of Water Damage

Water tends to evaporate and dry out; shaking and changing MacBook’s positions will not spill the water out. It will only create more disturbance inside the laptop’s mechanism. Let it rest for more than 48 hours in a dry place because moisture and a humid environment can never help water to evaporate. All rice experiments are just a waste of time as rice grains can be stuck in Mac’s USB and charging ports.

Opening the MacBook on own

It is never a good idea to open a laptop or smartphone without a proper technical toolkit. The professional tools and equipment are available online, but it will cost as much as the MacBook repair. You can open it just for drying out the water yourself with an Air Dryer, not with a blow dry used for hair because heat is not suitable in this case.

Sometimes, the tinier compartments can get severely damaged by too much water and heat which cause massive iron oxidation. A few replacements of capacitors and molding can fix the laptop and costs about a couple hundred dollars if you dry up the Mac first. Apple Store costs somewhere between 700$ to 900$ for the latest model MacBook Repairs!


The MacBook comprises thousands of transistors, capacitors, silicon, and metallic components that can rust from the slightest touch of water! The device is not as fragile but takes proper care, authorized repair, and professional expertise to fix water damage problems.

Credible websites such as can be a reliable source for a Mac repair fast and masterfully.

By Williumson

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