The Following 19 YouTube Channels Are the Best

There is so much stuff on YouTube that it may be difficult to know where to begin. The top YouTube channels to watch next are listed below.

Having trouble deciding what to watch on YouTube? The overwhelming amount of YouTube channels might make choosing difficult. We’ve put up a list of the top YouTube channels for you to watch next as a service.

It’s almost hard to compile a list of “the finest” YouTube channels. We’ve decided on a selection of compelling YouTube channels that are worth watching as a result. Even if you may not like them all, you should be able to discover something you like.

1. Tasty

You’ll drool when watching this channel. The bite-sized movies break down delectable foods into their straightforward preparation procedures. You’ll want to attempt these dishes right now in your kitchen. they are all.

Tasty also produces its own YouTube programmes, such as Behind Tasty, Eating Your Feed, and Tasty 101.

2.Homestar Runner

When it first launched in 2000 as a Flash animation website, Homestar Runner immediately became a fixture in online lore. It is arguably most known for the Strong Bad Email series, in which a guy wearing a boxing glove responds to fan emails with humour and sarcasm.

The show is jam-packed with entertaining people, bizarre oddities, and obscure pop culture allusions. Despite a break in the middle, it has been running for a very long time, so there is a tonne of material to keep you entertained.

3.The King of Random

This channel offers sporadic experiments, weekend crafts, and life-saving tips. These professionally made DIY/mad science films cover a wide variety of topics and may be both interesting and helpful.

You may learn how to produce self-freezing drink, increase mobile phone service, and light a fire using a sandwich bag, among other survival advice.

4. MUO

Not mentioning our own YouTube channel, which has news, reviews, tutorials, and more, would be a mistake. We consider it excellent!

Whether you want to stay current on technology or watch in-depth how-to videos for tackling certain issues.


Both physical and emotional health benefit from exercise, although it may sometimes be challenging to find the drive or helpful tools. Fitness Blender is fantastic because it provides free, high-quality, full-length training videos, which is why it is so excellent.

The channel offers workouts for people of all fitness levels that target various body areas. Therefore, Fitness Blender has you covered whether you want to kickbox for cardio or require an upper body strength training.

6.NPR Music

Though it also airs documentaries and interviews, NPR Music is arguably best recognised for its Tiny Desk series. Here, a variety of artists from various genres provide a close-up performance of their best songs.

Along with seeing well-known performers like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, you may also find new musicians you may not have heard of before.

7. Good Morning Mythical

Everythingexplore daily, Good Mythical Morning posts a new video. Internet comedians Rhett and Link serve as the show’s hosts as they study trends, play games, and do bizarre experiments.

It provides some fantastic, jovial entertainment and never takes itself too seriously. Where else would you see adult men rating each Dunkin’ Donuts product after eating it?

8.Crazy Russian Hacker

Taras Kulakov believes that “safety is the first concern.” The Waynesville, North Carolina-based former Ukrainian Olympic swimmer experiments with anything from boiling Coke to putting 30 pounds of dry ice in a swimming pool.

Taras also reviews items and offers life tips. A entertaining selection of YouTube videos are produced by the haphazard combination, and they are certainly worth viewing.

The finest wrestling channels on YouTube are probably appealing to you if the extremes given here seem entertaining.

9.Fail Army

The loser is always made fun of. As you watch these amazing fail films, you will cry with laughter.

Always keep in mind that because this channel welcomes fan submissions, one day you could be the star of a fail video.

This channel, like Fail Army, relies on content contributed by its users. This is your opportunity to show the world any incredible tricks you have ever captured on film.

10. Folks Are Great

The good news is that attempting results in failure. And persistently working hard may provide wonderful outcomes. Individuals are Awesome honours the accomplishments of regular people who go above and beyond. Extreme sports and straightforward workouts are among the available activities.

11. Reviews Of Girlfriends

Shelby and Matt, a real-life pair, provide a casual viewpoint on the most recent video games in Girlfriend Reviews. Unlike many other video game review channels that often cover the same topic, Girlfriend Reviews is as interested in making you laugh as it is in providing you with useful information.

12. Looper

explores the Easter eggs, fascinating trivia, and undiscovered tales hidden inside your favourite films, TV programmes, and video games. You’ll find out what happened to Mr. T, what renowned horror movie monsters look like without their makeup, and why a sequel to Inception was never produced.

This channel offers nonstop amusement for someone who enjoys popular culture.

13. Wonderful Space

A YouTube channel called Amazing Space is devoted to the boundless space outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Live feeds from the International Space Station, high-definition footage of the Earth and the Sun, and a selection of time-lapse movies are some of the featured films.

The information comes only from NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and other sources.

Here are the top films on the cosmos in which we all live if this YouTube channel inspires you to learn more about it.

14.The School of Life,

Philosophy, psychology, literature, and art are some of the topics that many parents and schools overlook, yet this YouTube channel and actual adult school do just that. Relationships, labour and capitalism, humour, and pop culture are among the subjects covered on the channel.

You may watch individual videos on subjects that interest you. Alternately, you may adhere to a well crafted curriculum and complete the school of life as a thoroughly educated adult.


There is some truth in each video on this channel. Through the use of science, Derek Muller examines fascinating topics and provides surprising solutions. Do you know, for instance, how chameleons alter their colour, if mobile phones may result in brain cancers, or how space welding functions? On Veritasium, you may get all of this information and more.

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16.Tom Scott

Tom Scott has a natural talent for explaining difficult or apparently uninteresting subjects in a manner that is brilliantly knowledgeable, enjoyable, and clear.

Tom Scott is available to instruct you on a vast array of subjects, including the shortest journey in the world, toaster timers, conversational guidelines, and a million other things.


MadFit is another top-notch fitness-related YouTube channel, and it’s run by Maddie Lymburner. All of her videos include exercises you can do at home, and the majority don’t need for specialised gear.

The variety of MadFit’s videos is great; they include dancing cardio exercises, full-body burns, and short warm-ups.

18. Jamie Oliver

One of the most well-known chefs in the world is Jamie Oliver. You can’t help but want to make the delectable meals on his YouTube channel because of how passionately he feels about food.

You may eat countless recipes and culinary advice from the archive, and new content is regularly uploaded to satisfy all preferences.

19. Mr. Beast

Given that MrBeast is one of the most well-known YouTubers in the world, his position on this list comes as no surprise. He creates risky challenge videos, such as re-enacting the Squid Game from Netflix or Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

MrBeast is big on investing the money he gets on YouTube, thus his videos keep becoming crazier and his next move is never predictable.

With Your Friends, Check Out These YouTube Channels

You should have enough to do on these YouTube channels for a while. They provide you with hundreds of hours of fun all together.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about your favorite items. To view videos together while conversing, interacting, and laughing in real-time, think about utilizing an online service.

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