Leading Online Education from Participation to Success

When there is a call for a job interview to a certain university student, it becomes the credit for higher education that their students have the potential to do in the market. So, leading the students towards their practical experience through effective learning is crucial for higher education. Although some teachers are good leaders and always try to positive lead their students, a good leader is also one who adapts to the new technological requirements of the world. When technology word is aligned with education, online education comes first to people’s minds. In this article, we will look at how students perceive online education and how leaders lead students towards its success. 

Online education has become a trend all across the world. There has always been a following of traditional educational systems, but due to the pandemic crisis, the source of online education has changed people’s minds to some extent. Online education is all about using technology and related stuff to gain education, irrespective of the place and time you are taking the class. Online education includes two types of education, i.e. a hybrid system where both physical and online classes occur alternatively while fully online-based classes. 

In online education, the main focus is on the quality of education rather than the quantity. In traditional classes, teachers are meant to complete the massive lecture in one class, whether students understand it or not. When introduced online education, students and educators were trying to access it, but this access is now converting into success. The paradigm shift of students’ minds from access to success all depends on the efforts of leaders who are introducing different techniques to ensure the perfection of education to the students. Observing online education as a basic need has changed the conceptualization among students. 

How are leaders framing students’ success?

The authoritative element in higher education has been wide. Higher education has given lots of flexibility to students regarding online classes. Students can either attend the class alone or hire someone to take my online class if they are busy somewhere important. Higher education has numerous authorities because it can participate in different programs, changing environments and design pathways for the post-graduates. The change from traditional to online education is not just to develop the concepts among students but to increase their conceptualization regarding this gradually. Higher education does not define a clear goal or task, but it is about designing a frame where small milestones are given to the students. Once the students achieve those milestones, they will be able to achieve a big picture as well. Does the basic question arise what higher education is expected from the students? And if the answer would be ‘success’, then what must be the correct method of conceptualizing this whole process?

The initial step of taking admissions

Before getting admission to higher education, the student must know the criteria on which it depends. The first step for the student’s success is to be admitted to higher education. Preparing for the university test to achieve the desired field in the university shows the potential of students to be successful. 

How leaders engage students

Once you get admission to higher education, it is considered to be the first step towards your success. Now, your climbing on the success ladder begins. After being admitted, the main priority is to give proper attention to the courses you are enrolled in because the second step of success includes passing that course. Academic grades are the most problematic area of achieving success. Students’ engagement in their studies is judged by their achieved grades instead of their skills and concepts. Anyhow this is the foremost criterion of higher education.

Aligning education with analytics

 Infusing technology in attaining education has helped students with a personalized educational system. Online education is helping the students from taking admissions to graduating and even after completing the degree, in wide learning and concepts. 

Education analytics in higher education

We have heard about data analytics and business intelligence, and now these terms are combined with the word education. Comprehensively, a vast meaning is given to the word education analytics. The introduction of technology and its roadmap from participating to success are all involved in education analytics. Higher education decisions will now be based on data analytics and business intelligence. The importance of education analytics was realized 5 years before. Then a new word called analytics of learning was introduced, which somehow means ‘online education. 

Online education is not only about enrolling in courses and completing them in a specific period. Online education includes the whole process of taking admission into the educational system. All the activities involved in traditional systems are the same, followed in online education but digitally. For instance, payment of fees, filling out forms, loans, library access, etc., are all done digitally. Education analytics has some limitations and control over it, as only teachers and respective students can get access to it. An element of confidentiality is maintained in the education analytics system because it includes important data that the relevant user can only access. 

A journey from participation to the success

Each student’s perception of education has changed towards digital means. The steering of participation is rotating to success. Online education benefits the diversity of learners, personalized environment and far more different opportunities for the students. There is a multi-dimensional leader that can be seen in the operation of online education, without them nothing could be possible. Nowadays, it can keep in mind that academic criteria have been changed following hybrid systems and full online systems as well. 

The world is moving rapidly, but some people still need to understand this diversity and changing atmosphere. Pieces of evidence might make those people certain about the technological impact on the educational system.


The observation clearly shows how online education emerged when students and educators initially learned the courses to act. Both learners and educators participated collaboratively in online learning. With time, data analytics and business intelligence entry have changed the education context. Now students are on the road toward success through their effortless participation.

By Williumson

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