Links pointing back to your website (backlinks) from relevant websites are fundamental to search engine optimization. Getting backlinks is essential for anyone looking to improve their organic traffic, search engine results page, and website authority—besides, the top-ranking pages (43.7%) have reciprocal links. 

Niche edits are a unique way to get backlinks. But how does it work in SEO? Fortunately, this post will help you unravel this. 

It will discuss: 

  • what niche edits are 
  • reasons for using this editing service, and 
  • how to use it safely 

So, let’s get started.

What Are Niche Edits?

A niche edit is a link-building strategy that involves adding a contextual link to an existing blog post or website page. Manual niche editing involves contacting sites directly and asking or bartering for your link to appear on a relevant post. 

It isn’t a new link-building strategy, nor is it necessarily dangerous, as this post discusses below. You can place a niche edit link on a hacked site without the site owner’s knowledge while earning others legitimately. 

Why Should You Use A Niche Edit Agency?

Are you unsure if niche edits are a good SEO strategy? The following reasons should prompt you to add it to your toolbox: 

  • Convincing site owners to link to you is more straightforward — Blog owners are more likely to give you a link in their content than write guest posts. In contrast to guest posts, they don’t have to read your pitch and approve your content.  
  • Cost-effective — The guest posting fee can be ridiculous if you’ve tried it before. They assume the person requesting guest posts works for or owns a large corporation. Editing old content is more common in blog writing than in guest posting because it requires less work and takes less time, mainly if you use a niche edits agency. Thus, they will accept less money for niche edits than guest posting. 
  • Fast and efficient — Convincing a blog owner to accept your request and confirm your edits is usually straightforward. It only takes a few emails to accomplish these things. In contrast to guest posts requiring blog owners to struggle with their busy schedules before placing a large order for guest posts, niche editing services have a short waiting period. 

How Do Niche Edits Work In SEO? 

It’s best to remember that Google’s guidelines prohibit buying links from vendors when editing niches. Your site can get penalized if you do.  

The best way to do it, whether you do it manually or pay, is through niche edits. Here’re the steps you’ll take to determine how it works: 

  • Identify Relevant Targets 

If you want to identify top-ranking pages for a page, enter the keyword of that page into Ahrefs. You could also search for the keyword in Google to find the top 100 results. Determine which ranking pages are suitable targets for niche edit requests by systematically going through the list of ranking pages. 

Several ranking pages might be competitors who will probably not link to you. Sometimes, the results are bloggers who wrote “Best Of” roundups for content writing services. These are excellent targets. 

  • Search For Target Emails 

In most cases, you can find contact emails on the contact page. But if you’re having trouble finding one, use a free email scraper tool like 

Use the site’s contact form as a last resort. However, contact forms might not be the best option since they don’t provide as much personal information as emails do. 

  • Write a Persuasive Pitch 

Many marketers make this mistake. Their goal is to get something for nothing. Instead of focusing on the target, they make the pitch about themselves. But, it would help to use these top tips when pitching for niche edits: 

  1. Keep it brief 
  1. Cut to the chase 
  1. Create a value-added solution if possible 

Getting a niche edited can be challenging, as it is frequently a transactional process. But you could also add more value for these bloggers instead of offering them money like discount offers and coupons. 

  • Follow-Up 

Web admins and people generally ignore the first pitch. It is always important to follow up. It’s best to schedule two auto-follow-up emails three to five days apart. 

You are more likely to receive responses from more people you pitch to after the follow-up. 

  • Make the Webmaster’s Job Easier 

You can approach bloggers with written listicle articles featuring the top content writing companies. Updating these articles and writing new copy is incredibly annoying for them.  

Hence, making it as straightforward as possible for them is best. Consider writing a copy for copy and pasting. 

  • Follow Through  

Make sure you follow through once you verbally agree with a web admin. You can accomplish this by moving quickly. 

Ensure you provide them with the copy they need to execute the niche edit as soon as they agree. Be friendly to the webmaster, but gently nudge when dragging their feet. 

  • Rinse and Repeat 

Rinse and repeat this step-by-step method for adjacent keywords and new products and services. 

For example, you can provide the best blog writing services, followed by eBook writing services. 


You can boost your site’s authority and rankings with niche edits. But finding relevant sites and pages and asking their owners to allow you to link to them can be pretty challenging. Therefore, outsource link-building to a reputable niche edit agency while concentrating on other important tasks. 

By Williumson

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