Composite Deck

While the deck’s framework can last for many years, the surface of Composite deck cover board usually deteriorates considerably more quickly. That has caused many people to ask if you can switch out your wood deck täckbräda for composite ones while still keeping the deck’s original framework.

Even if you are building using kits that were especially made to supply high-quality composite materials for resurfacing jobs, replacing wooden deck planks with composite materials does require a little preparation. However, putting composite decking over already-built deck components may be fairly cost-effective with some preparation and care. Homeowners will at the absolute least want to confirm that everything is still up to code and that their joists are not deteriorating.

The lower maintenance expenses are the key benefit of using composite decking boards instead of traditional ones. Comparatively speaking, komposittrall requires far less upkeep than wood since no staining or sanding is necessary. Furthermore, placing composite decking over outdated decking is typically far more affordable than performing a complete replacement. Installing composite decking over wood when repairing a damaged surface might actually increase the value of your house.

Can Composite Cover Boards Be Placed Directly Over Wood Boards?

Composite Cover Boards Be Placed

No, it is not advised to do this. Joists are frequently replaced, repaired, or capped in decking replacement projects. This is because dry rot is frequently seen beneath decking, typically where fasteners pierced joists. It is essential to remove the old decking before installing new decking on a deck so that the joists and beams may be inspected and repaired as necessary.

The lifespan of the material will be significantly shortened if new decking is installed over existing decking. In moist settings, water will easily collect at the seams between the two materials. Only the tops of the joists should come into touch with the decking, leaving the majority of it exposed on both sides. If new decking is installed over existing decking, there won’t be much room for drying out, which will hasten the degradation of both the new and the old decking. Installations over solid surfaces or outdated decking are not permitted with manufactured goods and will probably void the guarantee.


If you wish to replace more of your deck than just the surface, the cost of replacing deck cover board with composite rises as well. You may use the deck construction cost calculator to estimate the cost of replacing the entire structure.

How to Put Composite Decking Over a Deck That Already Exists

Put Composite Decking Over a Deck

Installing new composite decking over an existing deck framework requires only a few easy steps.

Remove the wooden decking

To remove undesirable cover board, start at the edge of the deck and use a drill, hammer, or pry bar. For the purpose of removing damaged parts, a circular saw or chisel may be used.

Inspect joists for decay or warping

When substructures meet, use a screwdriver to probe the region to look for soft patches or loose bolts. Before beginning to refinish your wood deck, chisel and treat any little areas of damage. You might also want to apply a protective joist tape, like Trex Protect, to seal deck bolts and prevent moisture penetration to safeguard joists from potential water damage and decay.

Install composite decking planks 

When installing replacement cover board into joists, use 3″ decking screws. As an alternative, use a concealed fastening method to maintain a tight seal between the boards and the joists that support them.

But how can you be certain that your frame inspection and replacement cover board placement are correct? It’s wise to spend some time learning more about changing deck boards and installing composite decking over a wood frame before attempting to refinish an existing deck with composite.

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