In the early decades of my 20s I kept it secret that I loved young adult fiction, afraid I’d be judged because of my love for stories featuring adolescent characters and issues. When I began to meet more YA readers I was happy to discover that I wasn’t on my own and that a lot of adults enjoy YA stories due to the fact that they’re enjoyable to read and address various complicated or difficult issues in an extremely accessible way.

Young adult novels are written and sold to teenagers, yet they cover all kinds of genres, from romance to fantasy. In my adulthood, my most loved young adult novels are ones that were an excellent influence for me as an teen in teaching me something that I may not have learned in my high school , and enhancing my knowledge of the real issues that face the world.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

“The Hate U Give” is a novel for young adults that has sparked important discussions about police brutality and race in America. Starr Carter is in the car seat as Khalil her friend and best friend, gets shot by a cop at the course of a traffic stop. The story is widely reported and news outlets have labelled Khalil as a “thug” and “drug dealer” when protesters gather in the streets to call for changes. Starr, being the sole witness, is surrounded by thousands of eyes watching her as her family and the nation is eager to hear what the author will discuss the night. The book is adored because of the vivid way it portrays the real-life situations, particularly in the light that is this Black Lives Matter movement today. ALso Read out Download Imamia Jantri 2023.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

In this powerful and moving story of strength when faced with the trauma of life, Melinda is an outcast at her school due to the fact that she reported the incident to police at the school’s final party. However, the other students do not realize that they were sexually assaulted during the party and the person who injured the victim is currently at the school. In time, Melinda learns how to discover her voice and stand up for herself, which makes this book not just an authentic depiction of how we deal with trauma,but also an inspiring read for those who want to stand up for themselves.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This novel is set in 1939 in Nazi Germany and the Liesel loves reading and drives her to take books from Nazi burnings of books as well as personal libraries and any other place. When the foster family of Liesel conceals an unidentified Jewish male in the basement of their home, her perception of the present state of the world expands as the space she’s permitted to live in decreases. This book is extremely intense, and was not initially released as YA-fiction, but it was quickly accepted as a genre for the author’s young viewpoint.

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

Camino waits for her father’s arrival on the Dominican Republic when she learns that his plane been destroyed and at the same as Yaharia discovers the fact that her dad was murdered during his flight to New York. The girls learn that their father was the one who had kept their bond as half-siblings in the shadows and they bond through the loss of their father and the pain of forgiveness. The story is tender and often heart-breaking, should you be as in love with it as many readers, “Sarguzasht Digest” and ” With the Fire on High” are two more books by Acevedo that you can read in the near future.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

While it’s sexier and more gritty than the majority in its YA counterparts the fantasy series (lovingly named “ACOTAR”) is one which has was read more by adults than teenagers. The book is described as a lighter “Beauty and the Beast” adaptation, however Sarah J Maas takes the story beyond the traditional story. While hunting a Wolf, Feyre is captured by Tamlin who is an fae. Feyre is able to adjust to her new surroundings and captor, however when her feelings get stronger as do the ever-present threat of a dark shadow that is threatening the realm for the Fae she has come to love.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Sometimes, sci-fi and dystopian novels can be difficult to follow However, the world-building in “Ready Player One” is created in such a way that it’s simple to envision the characters and setting. Wade Watts — like many others is alive when playing the virtual real-time game OASIS. When the person who invented OASIS dies He leaves clues in the game which lead to the prize that is most coveted the inheriting of the fortune he made as well as control over this games. Set in 2045 This story is an intergalacticand hazardous scavenger hunt, and an absolute page-turner through it.

The Stars and the Blackness Between Them by Junauda Petrus

Although this isn’t an adventure story it’s a feeling of some sort of magical gleaming within the pages. This book is the story of two Black girls with very different backgrounds that strive to achieve love and joy in a society that is determined to take them away from both. Junauda Petrus manages to take us into the most intimate parts of the soul while we watch their romantic romance unfold. It’s an emotional popular choice for a lot of teens and adults seeking an amazing novel that is centered around BIPOC and queer characters.

By Williumson

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