7 Effective Video Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

Around 86% of the markers report that videos are good at generating quality leads. And 81% of those marketers agree that videos directly impact sales. Today, more than 92% of people using the internet worldwide spend time watching videos every week. In addition, 78% of buyers say they are convinced to purchase a product or service after watching.

Based on the above statistics, video marketing is essential for your success. Billions of people use the internet daily, providing a good marketing place through video content. You can use video content to promote brand awareness and increase sales volume.

Video hosting platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn have many users. Your business videos trending on those social platforms make your business more visible. Once your business becomes more visible, conversion rates increase, thus increasing sales and revenue.

Quality videos are essential to successful video marketing. But where do you begin to create videos to market your business? Check the tips below to help you get started with video marketing.

Best Tips on How to Market Your Business Using Videos

1. Determine Your Audience

Do you know who you seek to reach with your video content? You can create business videos and fail to make an impact when they don’t match the right audience. Check your products or services and determine your customers. Then, research the content your customers are looking for before creating videos. You can ask them directly through SurveyMonkey about the content they love. Keywords also help you understand what your buyers are looking for.

Creating quality and compelling videos is easier when you know your target audience. Make sure you create buyer personas to understand your audience more. You should also check where your potential buyers hang most to target them with your videos.

2. Have Clear Goals for Your Videos

Define the objectives you want to attain through video marketing before you start. Videos can help you make your business popular. You can also raise sales through video marketing. Videos play a more significant role in generating quality leads and enhancing conversion rates.

You could also be aiming to promote your SEO through videos. Whatever your goals, ensure they are clear so you can know how to achieve them and what you need. In addition, when your goals are clear, you can measure if you have achieved them or not.

3. Pay Attention to the Quality of Your Videos

Quality content is an essential factor in video marketing. Many buyers would love to see your products or services work. But if you produce low-quality videos about your business, no one will watch them. Can you imagine spending money on video-making equipment and creating videos that no one watches? You’ll waste time and money when your videos don’t attract an audience.

Well, where do you begin to produce quality videos? Get the right gear and online video editing software. Then, the focus of capturing quality footage. Once you’re through with shooting, spend enough time editing and organizing your clips into a seamless business video.

4. Focus on Telling a Story and not Sales

Does your video tell a story? If yes, it will connect well with your audience, which leads to more and more watching. Your audience will ignore your video if the content focuses more on the brand or driving sales. Make sure you tell more stories in your videos. That way, your audience understands your business or company more.

Keep your video short, even if you involve storytelling. Shorter videos but with valuable content are suitable for marketing. If you capture too much footage during shooting, use a video editor to trim your clips into concise video content.

5. Evoke Positive Emotions with Your Video

Buyers will associate certain traits with your products or services. Emotions drive people’s behaviors, and logic justifies their actions after facts. You should create business videos that kindle warm feelings in your buyers. Avoid creating content that disgusts and brings anger or fear. That way, your content will resonate well with your viewers.

Your business videos should give viewers excitement, hope, and happiness. Video content will have tons of views and generates massive engagement when they evoke the right emotions. Remember, the more engagement your video creates, the more conversions and sales.

6. Choose the Right Platform to Host Your Videos

Where do most of your target audience hang most? You can post your business videos on multiple social media platforms. But focus more on where you can reach most potential buyers. Billions of internet users access YouTube. You may consider it a priority when marketing your business. However, you should adhere to the rules required by your chosen platforms.

Make sure you embed your business video on your landing site. Websites with videos enjoy higher conversion rates than sites with no videos. You can also attach videos to your marketing emails. Whatever platform you choose, maintain the quality of your videos higher.

Posting videos with shaky sections turns off the viewers. Pay Attention to the editing process to ensure your video reflects your business’s higher standards. If you captured shaky clips, cut them off using the best online video editing software.

7. Optimize Your Videos for SEO

Quality videos aren’t the only thing you need to succeed in marketing your business. Optimizing your videos for search engines to index and rank gives you mileage. Remember, when your video rank on the top of SERPs, your business becomes more visible. With immense visibility, you get more traffic, leading to higher conversion rates, sales, and revenue.

You should give your video an appropriate title. Then, within that video title, you can include a keyword. Your video ranks better with the right keywords. Ensure you provide a description to enhance better ranking.

Additional Video Marketing Tricks to Consider

Create a Posting Schedule and be Consistent

Your business’s online presence matters a lot. You should devise a posting schedule to ensure you don’t keep your audience waiting for long. Do you want to post daily, weekly, or after two weeks? Post videos regularly. Remember, your audience will opt for competitors’ content if you take too long to post.

While you should post videos too often, avoid compromising on quality. You may record many different clips during shooting and store them for use instead of going to the field to collect footage daily.

Add a Call to Action to Your Video

What next after watching your video? Don’t leave your audience hanging and not know what action to take after watching. Do you want viewers to follow you on social media or visit your website? Let them know it.

You can add text to your business video linking to your website. Make sure you encourage your audience to check more information about your business. A simple call to action in your video can spark conversions you may not expect.


Video marketing is the new way to go. Creating videos for marketing is becoming more accessible and more effective. Well-edited videos enhance brand awareness, increase sales, and give you more investment returns. Post business videos on multiple platforms where your customers hang out to reach them. And, more importantly, never compromise the quality of your marketing videos.

By Williumson

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