For anyone looking for an unforgettable experience, these are the must-see hiking spots in Pune. This city is the most visited tourist destination. The beautiful scenery of Pune is one of the main factors driving people to choose Pune as their next destination. Pune is a popular destination for adventurous vacations. Pune is a peaceful and spiritual city that has won the hearts of many with its vibrant charm and beautiful architecture. India is proud of its modern urban lifestyle and traditional culture. 

Raja Shivaji was a fierce fighter and warrior for the Maratha Empire. This proves that the city’s past is more than just a series of lessons. It is difficult to miss the beautiful waterfalls that flow from the mountains, and the joy that permeates the wind. From the film city to the hills, everything is a representation of this beautiful place. Young people are attracted to the locations that offer trekking in Pune. 

The Sahyadri Mountain in Pune is well-known for its trekking opportunities and breathtaking forts. This location is a great place to spend a weekend, with all the positive vibes of nature. Because it is a city that connects people to nature, one can feel the presence of mystical forces. To enjoy this beautiful splendour, people travel to the nearby trekking spots.

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Rajmachi Trek:

Rajmachi, a small village in the Maharashtra Konkan region of the Sahyadri mountains range is located. Rajmachi is close to Lonavala’s and Khandala’s well-known hills. It is home to the mediaeval fortress of Rajmachi.

Two fortified Rajmachi peaks, Shrivardhan (and Manaranjan) are both present. A 30-minute trek from Udhevadi will take you to the plateau between the two peaks. This location is popular with adventure seekers and trekkers for its excitement at scaling the two highest peaks. It also has historical significance due to the fort’s ruins, and other constructions left behind.

Visapur Fort Trek:-

The well-known Monsoon Sahyadri Fort is larger than its twin fort Lohagad. Lohagad Fort can be found at a lower elevation than Visapur Fort Lonavala. There are many caverns and water tanks on the Sahyadri Fort. Also, you will find historic houses, arches waterfalls and temples. Two structures that once housed government offices are now without roofs. Peshwas Wada, a popular stone-built residence in Visapur Fort, is its name. The Fort is home to many temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, as shown by his sculpture. Visapur is a great spot for hiking, as it is near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala.

A monsoon trek from Visapur Fort in India is the best way to spend a rainy night. Enjoy a walk with your partner or with friends in Visapur (India). A hill fort is located in Maharashtra, India near Visapur village. It’s also known as Visapur Fort, or simply Visapur Fort. It is part of the Lohagad Visapur fortification. The Visapur Fort Monsoon Trek will make your journey unforgettable. The excitement of walking on challenging terrain is what you will enjoy! Fort offers a stunning view from its 3556-foot height. The best trek to do during monsoon season is to Killa in Maharashtra, close to Pune.

The Visapur Killa, perched on a high plateau, is a popular excursion spot for thrill-seekers and nature lovers. The Fort walk can be accessed from Mumbai or Pune and is a short hike. You will find many steps and pebbles on the path to the Fort.

Andharban Trek:-

You should consider Andharban for your next adventure. Here, you will find yourself in the middle of pitch-black forests, as you navigate through valleys and follow some Ghats. Adventures are calling your name. There is so much to see and do. The vast mountain ranges, captivating valleys and ghats can make you crazy. There are many amazing places to explore. If you’re a true trekker, these trekking spots are ideal for you.

Torna Fort Trek:-

It is the tallest fort in Pune and is surrounded by gentle flowers and greenery. This makes it one of Pune’s most peaceful/best trekking spots. It is located sixty kilometres away from Pune and has a lively atmosphere. The largest hill fort in Pune, at 4603 feet in height, has made a name for itself in the Western Ghats because of the beauty and aesthetics it displays.

Because of its size, Prachandagad was given the name Prachandagad. Prachanda, in Marathi, means “big” while gad refers to “the Fort”. In 1646, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, a young man of 16 years, took over the Fort. It was then ruled over by several Maratha rulers and became the centre of the Maratha Empire. Many battles were won and lost.

Sinhagad Fort Trek :-

Sinhagad Fort is a great place to hike and camp in Pune. Also known as Sinhagad Killa, it’s one of the most popular forts. It is located approximately 35km from Pune’s central commercial district. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Sinhagad Fort and its history.

Sinhgad Fort is a hill fortress near Pune, where the majority of the city’s youth visit. The fort was built with cliffs and a valley road to its west. It is naturally a defence mechanism. Many people visit the fort today to learn more about Sinhagad’s past or to hike. Below is a detailed description of the Sinhagd Trek route.

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