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What makes Singapore an economic powerhouse is its education system. A good education in Singapore means a ticket up in terms of careers and money. This is why most parents in this small nation will do anything to make sure their children get into the best schools to get the best education. This is also why four out of five parents in Singapore opt for private tuition, spending anywhere between $115 and $2,000 a month on private tutoring, most especially with secondary math tuition.

Why go for tuition when Singapore has the best-trained teachers?

Some will argue about paying for private tutoring if Singapore has one of the best education systems in Asia, and classes are being taught by well-trained and highly paid teachers.

There are two main reasons for parents to get tuition for their children.

The first is that no matter how good the education system is or how well-trained teachers are, a classroom environment with 30 to 40 students can be more than a handful for teachers. Multiply this with the number of classes each teacher is handling and you can see how teaching can become somewhat impersonal. Teachers cannot focus on each student’s problems or weaknesses.

Secondly, some students simply cannot cope in a classroom environment and may have certain weaknesses or struggles with a certain subject. The most common struggle of many students in Singapore is with maths. If a student is not doing well in maths, or any subject, the point of tuition is to help them catch up with the lessons through individualised attention.

Choosing the right tuition or private tutoring agency for your children

Make sure the agency is MOE-registered

As long as a tuition agency is handling 10 or more students, it must be registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE). This is because the MOE has to check the academic qualifications of the tutors.

Check their track record

To check out a tuition agency, you need to do research, read up on the agency, and even ask others about the agency. How long has the agency been operating? How do they hire their tutors and do the tutors have teaching experience? Does the agency regularly produce good results? Make sure that the agency advertises how they help students improve their grades rather than producing all A-grade students. Producing mostly A-students only means that they have been tutoring already good students who want to stay ahead of the game.

Ask how the tutors examine their child’s needs

Private tutors normally meet their students twice a week, or during the weekend. Enquire how the tutors will go about examining and then focusing on their child’s special learning needs, weaknesses, and other struggles and problems. Also, enquire how the tutors interact with your children’s age group.

FamilyTutor is a dependable O level or secondary maths tuition agency in Singapore

You can depend on FamilyTutor for all of the abovementioned, and even more. This is because:

  • FamilyTutor has the most family-oriented home and private tutors.
  • Zero agency fees and no other hidden fees.
  • Highest level of satisfaction from parents and students whose grades improve considerably.

Why hire a secondary math tutor?

Singaporeans know that the mathematics syllabus in its education system is linked through all its different levels. For instance, concepts taught at the secondary level have basic foundations from elementary maths. Likewise, junior college maths is an extension of all basic concepts in O-level maths. Thus, a maths home tutor can help students transition better from basic to advanced maths concepts.

Many concepts in O-level maths are also found or applicable in other subjects that deal with computation such as physics and chemistry. Strong tuition can build up a student’s foundation in mathematical concepts that will help improve other subjects. Matching qualified tutors can provide expert guidance by reaching out to a child’s struggles, difficulties, and weaknesses and turning these into strengths by focusing on these goals.

Tutors keep pace with the student while targeting difficulties and weaknesses. This can be done by using practice papers, sample tests and exams, and additional learning resources that tutors have gathered through their years of experience.    

FamilyTutor has more experienced and qualified maths tutors for all levels that can help improve any student’s learning and grades. Don’t waste time because the clock is ticking on your child’s education! For more details about FamilyTutor, contact us today on our numbers, on WhatsApp, or visit our official website.

By Williumson

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