Root Canal Treatment - Effective Solution For Your Soaring Pain

In the modern-day world, dental caries is a household problem. But unfortunately, people pay less attention to their teeth until they face any significant symptoms. Unfortunately, it’s too late to salvage your dental health when the acute toothache starts. 

So in such a situation, what would be the best treatment? The answer to this problem is a root canal procedure. 

It might sound intimidating initially, as it is a common misconception that the procedure is challenging. But the main feature of a root canal treatment is that it removes the infection from the inside. 

It is also a way to protect your teeth from getting infected shortly. Now the question is, what is this treatment all about and how is it performed? Let’s find out in the following sections of this blog. 

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment mainly involves the pulp present inside the root of the teeth. The pulp of the teeth consists of blood vessels and nerves, thus responsible for the pain sensation of the teeth. A root canal is an endodontic procedure in which the nerve supplying the pulp is completely removed, thus leading to relief from pain. 

Steps Involved In Root Canal Procedure  

Before you plan to schedule a proper sitting for getting your root canal procedure, an expert dentist in Jacksonville can give you a complete evaluation is needed. An x-ray of the teeth will help to assess the shape of the root canal that should be used and whether there is any infection surrounding the damaged tooth.

  1. This procedure’s first and foremost step is thoroughly cleaning the root canal. Afterward, your dentist will apply anesthesia in your local areas to numb the surgical area.
  1. Following this, a rubber dam is placed around the particular area to prevent the secretion of saliva during the operation.
  1. The next step is making a small hole to enter the pulp area. After making a successful entry, all the infections and dead tissues are cleaned out. 
  1. Following the cleaning, water and sodium hypochlorite are used to efficiently remove any dead tissue particles from the affected area. 
  1. Nextly, your dentist schedules another sitting for carrying out the rest of the treatment. A temporary filling is used to seal the access hole until the next seating. 
  1. When you go for the next seating, the dentist’s primary concern is closing the hole using a paste and a compound Gutta Parcha. 
  1. After the filling is done successfully, a new dental crown is placed to bring your teeth framework back to its original form. 

Complications Of The Root Canal Treatment Surgery

Like any other surgical procedure, a root canal also has many complications. Although that doesn’t fade away, it is one of the most successful and efficient techniques to eliminate a bad toothache permanently. 

  1. The filling should be done with extra care, and the dentist needs to ensure a proper and Complete filling of the infected cavity. Improper and partial filling can lead to severe complications afterward. 
  1. Some teeth contain more than one root canal. So, your dentist should make sure to find all of them. In case one remains untreated, then the infection will persist and may become severe as well. 
  1. As this process is an excellent procedure, the dentist should be meticulous so that no instruments are broken inside, thus leading to difficulty in filling. 

Benefits Of Undergoing The Root Canal Treatment Surgery 

Even though a root canal is a complex dental procedure, it has many benefits. 

  1. Whenever there is dental caries, people are often left with no option but to remove the tooth. Instead, a root canal heals the core of the problem and prevents a loss of teeth.
  1. Following the surgical procedure, you regain confidence as it restores the natural look of your entire teeth framework. 
  1. As this procedure does not require tooth removal, it protects jaw bones from degeneration. 
  1. An infected tooth pulp also spreads the infection to the adjacent teeth. So, removing the pulp helps keep the neighboring teeth healthy. 

Now You Know!

The root canal procedure has been quite a trend for a long time. Almost all dentists are very much capable of performing this procedure very safely. We hope the above information has helped you understand this treatment’s concept. If you still have any doubts regarding this, feel free to contact the expert dentist in Jacksonville. All the best!

By Williumson

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