Choosing between an online and a physical store requires careful consideration of many factors.

You may be able to quickly get replacements online if your prescription is comfortable and your present glasses fit.

Have a professional fit you in person if you are confused about fit and frames or how to measure your face and eyes.

Online eyewear ordering enables easy comparison shopping. According to Consumer Reports, you may often utilize the pricing and design information acquired online to negotiate the price, even if you visit an optical shop to get it properly fitted.

You may not be able to get glasses store online if you need progressive lenses or other specialty prescription requirements. 

For glasses to fit from any source, you must have your pupillary distance (PD) assessed. This measurement, unique and particular to your eyes and face, measure the distance between your two pupils’ centers. This could be written on your prescription by your ophthalmologist. You may typically ask them to if they don’t know so that you can get glasses online. Although some online sellers provide instructions on measuring this distance yourself, a skilled expert will measure it more accurately.

Insurance providers may not cover glasses purchased from an internet shop. You may need to see an eye doctor and purchase from a certain provider to take advantage of your insurance coverage.

Online purchases of eyewear may not last as long as in-store purchases. If you sometimes require glasses, it could be okay. If you often use glasses, you may want to spend more money on high-quality frames that fit well and will last.

Forbes reports that less than 4% of the eyeglasses bought in the US in 2017 were from an online store. Even while that number is probably going to increase over time, the majority of eyeglasses are still now bought from a physical location.

You will still need to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist for an eye test and a prescription for corrective lenses, even if you get your glasses online.

Online eyeglass orders can come with incorrect prescriptions or poor fit. Then you’ll have to deal with the trouble of trying to swap or get a refund, or you’ll have to have them adjusted elsewhere or in-store. The ease of online purchasing will be diminished as a result.

Online eyewear is often less expensive than eyewear purchased from an optical shop. The glass’s cost may range greatly, from as little as $8 to more than $1,000. Add-ons, like scratch-resistant coating, may add up rapidly when shopping online. You might rapidly go from $10 to over $100 without being aware of how you did it.

Online eyeglass purchases have several benefits:

Many more options are available than at your neighborhood eye doctor’s office.

They often cost less.

However, not everyone should purchase online, as we discuss in our guide to the best sites to buy glasses. For instance, it can be best to purchase eyeglasses in-person with the assistance of a specialist if your prescription is strong or complex, likewise if you have problems with fit. Even if you don’t need a particular prescription or have fit issues, ordering glasses online might be dangerous.

The Leading Online Glasses Store

Glasses Shop currently provides buy one get one free, making it one of the first superstars in the online eyewear retail industry. You can take your glasses into their shops for modification to better suit your face, but shopping online is still the best option to acquire the widest selection of designs and the lowest pricing. You may upload a picture of yourself to an online tool to virtual test several looks. The first pair is free if you purchase eyeglasses for the first time. You may get up to five pairs of complimentary eyeglasses to try on in person or at home (you pay to ship). Send return the trial frames if you decide to buy glasses from them, and you’ll receive free delivery on your real prescription pair.


Online shopping for eyeglasses provides many advantages, not the least of which is having access to a huge selection of options and all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. We encourage you to peruse the many upscale brands we have in our glasses store so that you may decide on your next purchase with zeal and passion.

By Williumson

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