Mice And Rodents

There is a pressing need to act fast since rodent populations expand at an alarming rate. It is preferable to control rodents when their numbers are low rather than after an infestation has become severe. Eliminating the rodent population, improving cleanliness, and rodent proofing (exclusion) are the three pillars of a reliable and efficient rodent management plan (trapping). Pestex provides comprehensive rodent control services to safeguard your home or company. Take advantage of our no-cost inspection if you’ve noticed the following: nibble marks on walls, corners, or food containers, scratching sounds, little droppings.

The Reasons Why Rodent Control Is Necessary

Rodents threaten human health and the economy. Rat-borne diseases threaten human health. Rodents spread several diseases. Rat bite fever, Hantavirus pulmonary disease, and LCM are examples. Rodent infestations can cause long-term health problems; homeowners and landlords should take precautions. Humans can catch these diseases by handling rats, touching their waste (feces, urine, saliva), or being bitten by one. Ticks, mites, and fleas can transmit diseases from rodents to humans.

Rodents carry sickness and pollute food by nibbling. Damaged food and other products must be discarded immediately. Rodent feces and urine can harbor disease-causing microorganisms, leading to food contamination. Multiple times, rodent-contaminated food has jeopardized human and animal health.

Rodents are not only a health hazard but a financial burden as well. Damage to property and food contamination caused by rodents can be extensive and costly, especially in commercial kitchens. Moreover, rodents enjoy gnawing and may gnaw on electrical wires or the foundation of a building, which can cause property damage at best and health issues at worst. Home and business owners should have specialists take care of a rat or mouse infestation as soon as possible to avoid these costs and the significant health and safety dangers rodents pose.

How do you get rid of rats?

There isn’t just one way to get rid of rats. It is recommended that a pest control expert like pestex be called to assess the situation before any extermination measures are taken. The attic, the crawlspace, and the walls of your house may all need to be treated differently.

Our pest control team’s primary strategy is exclusion. First, we’ll find the point of entry for the rodents and seal it up. Depending on the scope and location of the problem, we will decide whether trapping or baiting is the best course of action.

Why Choose Pestex for rodent control?

Our local company wants to keep your home free of rodents. We accomplish this by providing expert service and by adopting environmentally friendly practices. Your family and property are essential to us, and you can be assured that we will do what is in your best interest to permanently eliminate rodents from your house. Pestex’s mission is to eradicate rats from the environment completely. That means we’ll do whatever it takes to eradicate the rats in your home and yard. Depending on the nature of the infestation, we may use baiting or trapping. We will schedule follow-up sessions to ensure your rat problem is resolved Read more

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