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Global marketers believe that webinars and live streaming platforms are the best marketing tools available. On average, 52% of marketers say that a webinar is one of the most effective strategies for generating top-of-the-funnel lead conversions. But that is just a partial truth; the reality is far from what webinars are known for. 

Although webinars are well known for being extremely effective at converting qualified leads, but that’s not the only aspect of it. Proselyting leads into clients is not easy, so to go further in the process, you need to put in extra effort to follow up on your leads. 

Why is Webinar Follow-Up Important?

Value-added content touches the heart of the client, and the job can easily be done by the webinar. The marketing stand-up with the clients makes them feel personalised rather than just sending brochures or emails. The webinars without any doubt a great way to deliver the content to your audience with a touch of two-way interaction. 89% of the best live streaming service users believe that in generating qualified leads, webinars outperform other channels and have a direct influence on revenue and pipeline.

This can only be possible if you have an active plan to follow up with your registrants and participants; otherwise, you can lose the opportunities. 

In this regard, you must come up with an alternative strategy to convert webinar registrants and attendees without sounding overly pushy during the webinar itself. Your follow-up actions are vital to transforming these leads into a business-generating model. 

If you don’t take the initiative to follow up with these hot leads, they’ll disappear for sure. Here are some of the crucial tips to help you out.

Effective Ways to Follow Up with Prospects After Your Webinar

It is not always sufficient to host any event or webinar and think it will generate revenue. It can only generate leads which need to be converted. Some of the best ways to reach out to your prospects are as follow. 

Segment and personalize follow-ups

Segmentation is the key tactic used by email marketers to boost engagement. It can also be considered a follow-up. Segmenting can help you personalise your audience and appeal better. Personalisation creates an impact and improves email performance. 

One thought to keep in your mind is that you want to segment leads generated by webinars into those who registered but didn’t attend vs attended but didn’t stay longer vs those who stayed till the end.  

By doing this, you avoid the risk of repeating information to webinar participants while still giving those who missed key details the chance to learn it.

Leverage a Q&A session to personalise your follow-up

The webinar participants who stick around the entire time are the leads you are most eager to pursue. If they had been less interested, they would have left the session.

The reason why 86% of webinar hosts use Question and Answer sessions is to more efficiently personalise follow-up communications that speak to their particular needs. Consider including Q&A sessions at the conclusion of the webinar to learn more about the participants’ confusion and to get a better idea of the types of questions that each participant has. Pay close attention to the inquiries, then tailor your follow-up emails to each inquirer in light of these inquiries. The Q&A, polls and many other forms of surveys can be easily included with ease by availing of the webcast service provider’s customisable solutions. Try it for better results. 

Send an exclusive offer!

Everyone likes offers, and by understanding the queries of attendees, you can improve the proposal or offer you can give. Sending an exclusive offer with time constraints can increase sales. These tactics are proven as well. You can write and make all those personalised deals as per the information you received by Q&A or polls or from the registration. 

Using the best live streaming services lets you export your data in both CSV and XLS direct from the webinar for better understanding and easiness of the job. 

Link to more value

Another way to nurture webinar prospects is to give them an additional authoritative and effective approach. Adding blog posts or other reference links on the same subject can be a good example. This shows that you are knowledgeable about the subject and the industry and that you care about facilitating their understanding.

Offer a free strategy session

By providing a free strategy session, you can easily continue the conversation. Show your clients your willingness to help them, which will give the impression that attendees are receiving something extra due to attending the webinar.

This strategy session is an opportunity to not only nurture leads but also to learn more about learning your potential lead problems in order to tailor the value proposition of your solutions and increase conversion rates. Take this chance to prove your worth and prove to yourself that you are the best in your industry.

Send a survey

Surveys are the top feature of the live streaming platform and webinar platform used by hosts. In fact, 43% of webinar hosts use surveys to know their audience in terms of their needs and desires and to improve their presentation for the next time. Sending a quick survey to the participants to ask questions can lead to opening the conversation further. 

Offer an on-demand recording

Don’t ever think that if a registrant doesn’t attend your webinar, they are not leads. It simply indicates the different time zone they are in or have prior commitments. This is the time when on-demand video comes into the game. A follow-up email with a link to your live recording can help you increase user engagement with those who didn’t attend. This practice can lead to overall growth and surely help in generating more leads. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping the conversation going further just after your webinar is the standard practice you need to do. Send them personalising solutions, offers or extra value to the leads for better coverage. Even if you have any other contact details of your participant like phone number, still don’t afraid to call (as it creates a sense of urgency). Don’t waste any opportunity to establish a chance of showcasing your services and products in a nice way. Start first by choosing good live streaming service providers that match your objectives and then the above-mentioned points.

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