If you’ve been lucky enough to walk around Mount Shasta’s quaint downtown area, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a good number of shops that you don’t generally find in other towns. Boutique establishments decorated with crystals and sage bundles with names like “Crystal Room” and “Soul Connection” capitalize on Mt. Shasta’s most popular tourist draw. 

Contrary to common assumption, the most popular tourist destination in the Shasta region isn’t the pristine environment we’ve grown to love. It’s something you can’t always see, yet people fly worldwide to experience it. 

Mt. Shasta is frequently referred to as a portal or vortex between the outer and inner worlds. Visitors travel great distances to experience the mountain’s powerful spiritual effects, and the phenomenon has gained worldwide notoriety. Indeed, spiritual tourism has become one of the driving factors of the Mount Shasta economy, with some estimating that half of all visitors come for a spiritual experience. 

Because it contains the sites with spiritual importance listed below, Mount Shasta is beneficial for spiritual activity. 

1. Sacramento River Headwaters 

You can find the sources of the mighty Sacramento River in Mount Shasta City Park. The crystal-clear water flowing through the park starts high on the snow-covered peaks of beautiful Mt. Shasta before making its way to the headwaters. Visitors frequently visit this spiritual site to drink Mount Shasta spiritual water, which is supposed to have therapeutic properties.  

2. Temple Intention of Mount Shasta 

Mount Shasta’s Temple Intention is a spiritual community mainstay. The facility is dedicated to evolved awareness and is noted for its intense energy and high vibration. Spiritual channelings, concerts, film screenings, sound healings, yoga courses, global heart teachings, detox seminars, and other events are held at the center. 

3. Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat 

In the hallowed waters of Stewart Mineral Springs, visitors can find mental peace, bodily balance restoration, and profound relaxation. Private mineral baths, a sauna with a wood fire, river dips for a cool-off, and a traditional sweat lodge are all available. 

4. Silk Road Chai Shop 

Silk Road Chai Shop, located in the heart of Mount Shasta, is a gathering place for individuals who heed the mountain’s call. A spiritual bookshop, meditation area, tarot readers, and other amenities are available at the cultural center and community hub. The business also sponsors a range of thoughtful community events in the evenings. 

5. Panther Meadows 

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Panther Meadows is one of Mt. Shasta’s most ancient outdoor temple sites. The springs that stream across the meadows are considered sacred power centers by many Native Americans. Visitors frequently come to the area for its power, medicine, and serenity. 

6. Mt. Shasta Arts & Healing Center 

High energy is a well-known characteristic of the Mt. Shasta Arts and Healing Center. The center offers expressive arts activities, meditation, spiritual seminars, and sound healing. Most visitors leave with a positive, renewed, and inspired feeling. Additionally, the center offers a variety of spiritual goods for sale, including wands, crystals, and books. 

Where Is Mt. Shasta Located? 

Mt. Shasta is both the name of a mountain in Northern California and the name of the charming town at its base. Other notable communities near the mountain include Dunsmuir, Weed, and McCloud. Mt. Shasta is located in Siskiyou County, California, near the boundary of California and Oregon.  

A History in the Metaphysical 

Native Americans have felt Mount Shasta’s power for thousands of years. The mountain was once home to the Achumawi, Shasta, Modoc, Atsugewi, Wintu, and tribes. They believed the mountain was inhabited by Skell, the spirit chief who descended from heaven to the summit. 

Mount Shasta became a logging center on the west coast in the 1800s, but the industry left the area in the 1960s, forcing the mountain town to reinvent itself. Without prompting, spiritual tourism picked up the mantle and is still thriving today. 

The history and significance of this mountain village were forever transformed when the Ascended Master St. Germain first appeared to Guy Ballard on the slopes of Mt. Shasta in 1934. Throughout approximately 3,000 sessions, some “truths” were revealed to Ballard. Since 1950, the “I Am Come!” pageant has been held every summer, most recently in Mt. Shasta’s new G. W. Ballard Amphitheater, as a presentation of Beloved Jesus’ miracles of truth and healing. 

Some Popular Beliefs of This Iconic Mountain 

Native Americans regard the mountain as sacred. They consider it to be the center of the universe. According to legend, it is one of the most sacred sites and the Creator’s home. 

The mountain borders the lands of several American Indian tribes. The Wintu, Achomawi, Atsugewi, and Modoc tribes are among them, and the mountain frequently appears in these tribes’ mythology. 

The Wintu Tribe’s origins can be traced back to a sacred spring on the mountain. Since the dawn, the Wintu have performed their religious ceremonies on the mountain. The Wintu continue to hold sacred ceremonies in the babbling streams every August. 


While it is impossible to pin down a central belief system for Mount Shasta’s spiritual devotees, there is little doubt the mountain carries a distinct sense when anyone is in its presence. Mt. Shasta is universally adored, and its headwaters feed most of California; thus, many people in the state have a little Shasta. 

Mount Shasta means different things to different people. It can be a hub for outdoor excursions and beauty for some. Others believe that a volcano is due to a major geological event. For most people, though, Mount Shasta is the center of the spiritual universe. 

By Williumson

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