Deciding on a preschool takes

Some effort as there are many preschools  to choose from offering a variety of curriculums claiming to be the best. And after all the research and school visits there then lies the question: “What if my child cannot fit in? What if he won’t stop crying? What if he hates his teacher?”

Consider this, what if you can send your child to a leading, longest-established Montessori preschool in Malaysia that has been trusted by parents for more than two decades?

The children’s house is opening its doors this April in Bukit Jalil City especially for working parents looking for a preschool in the area. What’s more bring your child with you to experience the fun-filled, nurturing and beneficial environment of a true Montessori preschool at its Grand Opening on 20 April (Saturday) from 10am to 2pm!

New Experiences in New Environments

Getting the Best for Your Child at TCH Bukit Jalil City 3
Getting the Best for Your Child at TCH Bukit Jalil City 2

At TCH Bukit Jalil City’s Grand Opening, your child will get the chance to explore new environments of a preschool. This way, they wouldn’t feel out-of-place or anxious when it is time to leave them under the care of the Aunties. The Bukit Jalil City preschool offers a bright and exciting environment that forms a great learning ground for children. This contributes greatly to the social development of your child, especially if he or she is the only child in the family.

Let Your Child Experience A Montessori Education

The Montessori Education is different from other approaches. As the first school in Malaysia to adopt and incorporate this method in its classes, TCH has successfully created an environment that is conducive to learning that inspires a child to develop a love for learning.

Getting the Best for Your Child at TCH Bukit Jalil City 5
Getting the Best for Your Child at TCH Bukit Jalil City 4

By bringing your child to the Grand Opening at Bukit Jalil City,

he or she will be immersed in fun-filled activities that incorporate didactic materials that support

the Montessori core values like Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Number Work and Culture.

Your child will be intrigued to explore the world on his own as he is free to choose from various materials to work with.

Here in TCH Bukit Jalil City, teachers are just facilitators who step in to guide your child where necessary as

the Montessori method believes in letting a child express their unique,

magical minds by learning and developing interests on their own.

Witness Montessori Educators Interact With Children

Children can meet the staff at TCH Bukit Jalil City and interact with them,

familiarising themselves with the presence of trusted teachers and forming

a bond that helps in the child’s future development in class.

Gain assurance that your child is in good hands as you watch

the Aunties interact with every child with care and passion at the Grand Opening.

A nurturing teacher-child relationship is crucial to promote strong bonds

warmth and positivity between educators and children,

according to a research by Hamre BK and Pianta RC in 2001 on early teacher-child relationships and the trajectory of children’s school outcomes.

Witness how every educator of the preschool is confident in handling children as all of them have received Montessori training.


TCH Bukit Jalil City will be looking forward to meeting you and your child at its Grand Opening.

By Williumson

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